[Review] Silent Kingdom – The Shadowless Queen

Silent Kingdom is a band from Sarajevo in Bosnia Herzegovina that offers Progressive sounds with references to retro sounds but with a modern and personal attitude. The new album “The Shadowless Queen” was released on April 15, 2022 and contains 1 long suite divided into 6 chapters. The only long track that makes up the disc starts immediately strong, with a solid sound that immediately plunges us into the Progressive atmosphere. It is immediately clear that there are all the ingredients that a Progger looks for in works like this, good keyboard and guitar textures, dynamic and expressive vocals and a granite rhythmic session full of tempo changes. The first part is energetic, with granite sounds, and then in the second chapter it evolves with a symphonic opening and more delicate with an intense and warm vocal. Valuable instrumental textures, which enrich the sound of accelerated and elaborate passages, managing to mix heavy and intricate traits at the same time with technique and quality. The third part of the suite is energetic and with sophisticated sounds with fine textures and instrumental passages and a very intense vocal. In the fourth part the band offers a more delicate section, showing a softer facet of their sound. The fifth chapter leads instead to an acceleration of the more Heavy rhythmic session, which turns into a virtuous and intricate instrumental section with valuable solo inserts. The final part alternates instrumental parts with the last verses sung, concluding in a very intense musical crescendo. This band worked on the record from 2019 to 2022, and the time spent made this work very accurate and interesting, with a high level sound quality. The ideas contained here are researched, well composed and executed, offering a very intense suite throughout its duration. An interesting musical proposal and an album full of ideas that bring the atmospheres of the 70s Prog to the present day with a modern and personal touch. A listening recommended for all lovers of Prog and long suites with elaborate plots and symphonic parts that alternate creating a solid and exquisite sound.


The Shadowless Queen Suite (31:58)
Chapter I – Signals (0:00 – 7:10)
Chapter II – Across the Ocean (7:10 – 11:57)
Chapter III – Abandoned (11:57 – 18:35)
Chapter IV – The Prisoner (18:35 – 23:42)
Chapter V – Aware (23:42 – 29:54)
Chapter VI – The Closure (29:54 – 31:58)


Amir Hadžić / Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Stefan Komljenović / Drums
Amir Ćefo / Keyboards
Irnes Duran / Bass
Mirsad Rahić / Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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