[Review] Solaris – Marsbeli Kronikak III / The Martian Chronicles III

Solaris are one of the main groups of the Progressive scene of Eastern Europe, originally from Hungary and active since 1980. We reviewed their latest full-length some time ago and we propose in this article a new review of their new EP titled “Marsbeli Kronikak III / The Martian Chronicles III” is the third part of this saga that began in 1984. The album contains 3 tracks of which the final is an epic suite of over 11 minutes, the pivotal track of the disc. Guitar arpeggios and the flute open “Mi vagy MI?” the shortest track of the album, which plunges us into a dreamy atmosphere with Prog Symphonic traits. A powerful change brings the sound towards the more solid sounds of the band with thunderous intertwining of keyboards and guitar on which the flute is inserted, leaving us to guess that we are listening to a masterpiece. They return to the theme with the pastoral touch of the flute that characterized the intro and close gently. The keyboards are at the center of the “Zoo” intro melodies to which the guitar and flute are added with a solid rhythm session and leading bass lines. The tempo changes and the synth inserts thrill the listener, immersed in the refined instrumental textures that the band offers. Between continuous tempo changes and solo inserts, they bring to the present day the purest sounds of Prog, if we close our eyes it seems to us to travel in time to the golden years of the genre. The concluding track “Marsbeli Kronikak III. 3. tetel” is an epic of over 11 minutes that begins with Folk Prog overtones, a deep vocal and guitar weaves. The voices are also intensely intertwined, and then leave room for the flute which introduces us to the more progressive section of the piece. One of the most intense and refined suites I have listened to in recent years, combining modern and classic features of the Progressive with a superfine technique and quality. The keyboards and the flute are at the center of the sounds, with a classical imprint that blends with the modern one and the long instrumental textures are original. A Folk touch, electronic sounds and both electric and acoustic guitar works, with the intensity that increases with the passage of the song, in continuous evolution, an absolute masterpiece. These are albums that are good for music and art in general. A work that shows a band in splendid form, excellent ideas well composed and performed with a superfine technique, showing all the experience of these musicians. After more than 40 years this band continues to offer music of the highest level, another absolute masterpiece that every Prog lover I am sure will gladly add to their collection.


01. Mi vagy MI? (Am I or A.I.?) (3:28)
02. Zoo (Zoo) (3:50)
03. Duo 2 (Duo 2, extra bonus) (5:02)
04. Marsbeli Kronikak III. 3. tetel (Martian Chronicles III. 3.) (11:45)


Kollar Attila / Flute, Recorder, Vocals, Whistle
Bogdan Csaba / Guitars
Erdesz Robert / Keyboards
Gomor Laszlo / Drums
Raus Ferenc / Drums
Kisszabo Gabor / Bass
Pocs Tamas Tompox / Bass
Seres Attila / Bass

Ullmann Zsuzsa
/ Vocals
Demeter Gyorgy / Vocals
Gerdesits Ferenc / Vocals
Sturcz Andras / Cello
Artists of the Budapest Operetta Theater / Choir

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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