[Review] Nick Haeffner – The Electromagnetic Imaginary

Nick Haeffner known for playing in Clive Pig and the Hopeful Chinamen and later joined The Tea Set, before pursuing a successful career as a soloist as well. The new mini-album “The Electromagnetic Imaginary” released on July 20, 2022 via Dimple Discs anticipates its next full-length. 10 instrumental tracks of short duration, in which the artist collaborates with some guests in 3 of these and where he proposes sounds between Folk and Experimentation. A msicela of various genres and styles, which is difficult to place, with forays into Rock and different subgenres of it, exploring and modulating sounds. Nick plays all the instruments with precision and composed all the parts, also using cinematic inserts, violins and effects that enrich the sound. In its Digital version the album contains 8 tracks, while in the physical one on CD we find 10, all different from each other but similar in the Experimental approach of the sounds. An interesting preview of what will be the next album, which with these premises seems to be varied and original. Definitely a record that needs several plays to steal all the nuances and get into the musical concept well. At each listening, new details can be perceived, thanks to the artist’s inventiveness, enhanced also thanks to the intermittent instrumental sound that allows him to range in the use of sounds and instruments. I found listening enjoyable, with refined and elaborate but flowing compositions, the result of Nick’s experience gained over the years both in bands and as a soloist. a listening recommended for lovers of more Experimental sounds but with a soft imprint, forays into World Music and Psychedelic folk.


1. EFS 2021
2. Slouching Towards Walthamstow
3. Goodbye Mr. Pushkin
4. A New Life Awaits You
5. The Great Indoors
6. Ludwig At Clearwater
7. Everything Begins Again (Instrumental Mix)
8. Grand Hotel Abyss
09. Everything Begins Again
10. Grand Hotel Abyss


Nick Haeffner / All Instruments

Finn Kidd
/ Drums on Everything Begins Again
Ian Montague / Bass on Slouching Towards Walthamstow
Andy Golding / Guitar on Slouching Towards Walthamstow
Simon Adcock / Bass on Ludwig At Clearwater
Sylvia Hallet / Norwegian Violin on Ludwig At Clearwater

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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