[Review] Soniq Circus – Chapter 1: The Game Begins

Soniq Circus is a Swedish band that offers Progressive Rock with modern traits and a Heavy touch formed in 2007 and with 3 albums to their credit. After 11 years they released “Chapter 1: The Game Begins” on April 15, 2022 which contains 7 tracks ranging from 2 to over 8 minutes in length. The album opens with “The Cruise (Prelude)” with a mix of piano and synth enriched by background orchestrations and modulations and effects. The intensity increases with the passage of the piece that guides us towards the next with a musical crescendo. The first part of the “Let The Game Begin, part I” suite begins with a solid rhythm session and massive guitar riffs intertwined with the keyboards. The vocal is dynamic and expressive, interpreting the piece with intensity, which develops with tempo changes and elaborate passages. In the finale they develop a good instrumental section, before closing. “Let The Game Begin, part II” is a short 2-minute passage, an interlude between the other parts of the main suite. The concluding part “Let The Game Begin, part III” opens with a good synth insert, rock guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session. After a first short instrumental part, the vocal that accompanies us up to the finale enters, where we find another short instrumental section. Distorted guitar riffs and synth virtuosity open “Cold Water” and then transform with the entry of the vocal with a Hard Rock rhythm imbued with Prog. In the final instrumental section, we find in my opinion the most interesting part of the piece, with a tight and technical solo. From the darker sounds “The Quarrel” is developed with a long sung part that combines Heavy features and Prog sounds, with a melodic touch. In the second part they develop an instrumental section, more elaborate and full of tempo changes and refined passages. The album ends with “Toccata – The Storm Approaches” a short passage that combines classical music and electric guitar inserts with Symphonic features. This album is the first of 3 parts, a concept that combines Heavy and Prog traits, with a good mix of guitar and keyboards and solid rhythmic sessions. The vocal is very present and in some cases in my opinion it does not leave the right space for instrumental developments, when they are present they are very interesting. A good listening overall, pleasant and recommended for lovers of Prog sounds, a band that manages to find the right balance between old and new.


01. The Cruise (Prelude) (02:58)
02. Let The Game Begin, part I (06:16)
03. Let The Game Begin, part II (02:00)
04. Let The Game Begin, part III (08:07)
05. Cold Water (04:28)
06. The Quarrel (06:49)
07. Toccata – The Storm Approaches (01:35)


Christer Ugglin / Drums
Alexander Abrahamsson / Vocals, Percussion
Marco Ledri / Keyboards, Additional Guitars
Markus Nilsson / Bass
Marcus Enochsson / Guitars, Vocals, Trumpets

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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