[Review] Sorrows Path – Touching Infinity

Sorrows Path are a Greek Doom Metal band formed in Athens in 1993, active until 1998, the year in which they decide to take a break that lasted until the reunion of 2005. In addition to a couple of Demos published in the 90s, in the new millennium they release four albums, the last of which “Touching Infinity” released in 2017 for Iron Shield Records and containing 10 tracks that see the band veering on less Doom and closer to Power/Prog sounorities. The influences of bands like Black Sabbath and Candlemass are evident, but with a modern and personal touch less obscure than the previous ones, with hints of Quuensryche inside. The band, which has now left national borders, thanks to the success of previous works, surprises for the maturity of the most solid and complete sound. The matrix as you can hear on the album is always a Metal focused on guitars and solid rhythmic sessions, with melodies and structures, however more Progressive and at times close to the less pulled tracks of Power. The elements that characterized the previous albums are also present here, with openings that are more powerful and elaborate, the dark and theatrical component of the vowel guides us through these ten tracks, in which, however, more Prog and in some ways melodic elements are added. The bass lines are massive and load-bearing, and create an excellent combination with the drum, at times more drawn in others with calmer rhythms, always elaborated with precision, following more intricate patterns of previous works. The almost theatrical vowel interprets the lyrics very well which deal with how self-awareness leads to harmony, beauty and respect, living in a world dominated by the exact opposite; destruction, ugliness and hatred. As previously mentioned, the guitar is the protagonist both in the harmonic and solo part, with technical precision, offering excellent ideas and inserts, resulting in one of the strong pieces of their sound. An album recommended for all lovers of Metal Doom sounds and not only, presenting Prog and slightly Power veins at times, certainly managing to involve listening to a large and varied audience. The sound maturity developed over the years comes out, allowing the band to offer a good album, pleasantly smooth and engaging, with good level ideas.


1. Intro to Infinity
2. Fantasies Will Never Die
3. Leneh
4. My Chosen God
5. Metaphysical Song
6. The Subconscious
7. Beauty
8. Forgiveness
9. Revival of Feminine Grandeur
10. Touching Infinity


Stavros Giannakos / Bass
Angelos Ioannidis / Vocals
Fotis Mountouris / Drums
Kostas Salomidis / Guitar
George Vichos / Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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