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Spandrel is a project by the duo Phil Hirschi and Spencer Smith who reproduce a Fusion-style music with particular and refined features. The debut album “Spandrel” was released on March 01, 2022 and contains 7 tracks with which drum Gary Husband collaborates, thus completing the lineup. The album opens with “Habituation” which immediately highlights the main feature of the band’s sound, made up of intertwining cello and guitar. A track full of complex textures and a solid drumming enriched by tempo changes, with the intensity that increases with the passing of the minutes taking on Heavy features. An energetic track, made of refined textures that mix with modern and hard sounds, creating an original sound. The following “Dark Energy” is the shortest in duration, featuring a granite and distorted guitar that intertwines with the textures of the cello on a solid and powerful rhythm session. In the second part, heavy sounds alternate with symphonic and softer openings, a short but intense passage. Softer sounds and jazzy features open “A Day In Rabat” developing with symphonic and dreamy cello inserts and a delicate drumming. The first part slowly advances with softer textures and dilated sounds, and then in the second part increases the intensity and transforms the sound with hard guitar riffs. Once again interesting is the combination of the sounds of the cello and the rhythm and the more Rock-style guitar, new and original as well as very technical. We are in the exact middle of the album with “Hero’s Journey” which begins with cheerful cello melodies that guide the sound, intertwining with guitar riffs and an elaborate rhythm. The track evolves with intricate textures alternating tempo changes and complex passages that blend the most elaborate laot of the Fusion with the personal traits of the band. “SixFour” is another short passage of 2:37 minutes, centered on a pleasant intertwining of cello and guitar arpeggios with a more percussive and delicate drumming. A distorted guitar and cello open “Words Travel and So Does Fire” which has a darker atmosphere than previous songs. The rhythmic session is intricate and the plots of the song complex, made up of continuous changes of tempo and rhythms and a sound that combines Rock with more Jazzy sounds with an experimental touch. The album ends with the longest track “Twisted Sister” which exceeds 7 minutes in duration. In the first part he moves slowly with deep melodies of cello and distorted guitar on an elaborate and constantly evolving rhythm. With the flow of the munuti the track opens with a prolonged cello solo and more symphonic and airy passages. In the second part it accelerates, closing with a crescendo ending in a Fusion style with guitar and cello in evidence. An interesting album, with original sounds given the presence of cello, guitar and drum as the only instruments, creating a new and original Fusion sound. The duets between guitar and cello are the main feature of the melodies and solo passages, supported by an intricaot and very technical drumming like all the plots of the disc. A listening recommended for lovers of the markedly Fusion sounds of Prog, with a good dose of Symphonic given by the cello and forays into Rock with the electric guitar. original and fresh, this work enhances the technique of these veterans of music, creating a truly original album.


01. Habituation (04:55)
02. Dark Energy (02:36)
03. A Day In Rabat (06:05)
04. Hero’s Journey (05:48)
05. SixFour (02:37)
06. Words Travel and So Does Fire (05:29)
07. Twisted Sister (07:45)


Phil Hirschi / Cello
Spencer Smith / Guitar

Gary Husband / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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