[Review] Sweeping Death – Tristesse EP

Sweeping Death is a Progressive Heavy Metal band originally from Germany, formed in 2017 and with 2 albums and 1 EP to their credit. Released on September 9, 2021 “Tristesse EP” contains 3 medium-long length tracks, musically more accessible, reducing complexity, and researching engaging and practical melodies to play live. The band describes the meaning of the title as follows: “Tristesse” is a wordplay. It is French for sadness. Further, the number 3 as a constantly recurring concept in nature and philosophy is the anchor point of ‘Tris + esse’. ‘Tri’ is Latin for ‘three’ and ‘esse’ means ‘being’. Thus ‘Tristesse’ stands for ‘three being’ or ‘trinity’. The disc opens with “The World As Will” characterized in the initial part by a solid accelerated rhythm session and massive guitar riffs. The vocal is powerful and the constant tempo changes are an added value in the sound of the band, allowing them to offer harder passages and others more melodic, mixed with care. The vocal adapts well to the various situations that the song offers, passing from more aggressive moments to more warm and emotional ones, showing a good range of tones. The second part begins with an instrumental section and the presence of the cello, very pleasant, and then accelerates and changes, also increasing the intensity and offering a fine guitar solo. With the alternation of sung parts and instrumental inserts, the constantly evolving piece develops the central theme well and after another guitar solo closes. The piano that closes the first track introduces us to the following “Alter The Rift” with soft melodies, while with a quick change a tight rhythmic session and scratchy guitars enter. A track as powerful as the singing, at times very aggressive but which fits well into the musical context. The passages are well elaborated and make the most of the individual technique of the individual artists to create a personal and original sound. Here too the tempo changes are one more signature, giving high-level sound solutions to the band, which is skilled in exploiting them, proposing really interesting passages. The final “Sublime Me” is also the longest track on the album, which starts with dark atmospheres and then inserts a very marked drum and guitar riffs influenced by classic Heavy Metal. The singing recalls at times the sound of the golden years of the genre, always with their personal and modern touch. The combination of past and present is interesting, with quality tempo changes and the intensity that increases with the passing of the minutes, between softer and more passionate and accelerated passages typical of the genre. The guitar inserts are precious, refined and technically very well executed, creating melodies that remain etched in the mind. Here the band manages to summarize different styles and genres of Metal, from the most harmonious to almost extreme inserts, all well balanced and well developed. An album of three tracks that contain a wide range of sounds, balanced and touching multiple styles and genres of Metal, offering a complex sound on which a good vocal stands out. Tempo changes add quality and offer different original solutions with a personal style. A listening recommended to all lovers of Heavy sounds with marked Prog influences, where the stylistic solutions chosen by the band are spot on and winning. A pleasant alternation of sung parts and instrumental sections, which will be interesting to listen to live, a concentrate of power, technique and softer inserts, short but very intense.


1. The World As Will 07:20
2. Alter The Rift 05:06
3. Sublime Me 07:27


Elias Witzigmann – Lead Vocals
Simon Bertl – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Markus Heilmeier – Guitar
Tobias Kasper – Drums, Piano
Andreas Bertl – Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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