[Review] Temple Of Deimos – Heading To Saint Reaper

The band from Genoa, Italy Temple Of Deimos offers a modern imprinted Stoner Rock in line with today’s bands, influenced by the sounds of the American desert. With a lineup composed of the classic trio: guitar (and vocals), bass and drums offer a solid and well developed sound. Their new album “Heading To Saint Reaper” was released on March 18, 2022 via Argonauta Records and contains 10 tracks ranging from 2 to over 7 minutes in length. The album opens with “Deadly Lines” which mixes distorted guitars and an accelerated rhythmic session, on which a vocal enriched by effects is inserted. A tight drumming and supporting bass lines, with the track enriched by a good instrumental section with the guitar always in great evidence. The following “Deflagration Deal” is an energetic and rhythmic track, with a drumming enriched by tempo changes and accelerations. The guitar is always at the center of the sound alternating heavy riffs with scratchy inserts on which the dynamic vocal works well. A distorted and peasant intertwining of bass and guitar opens “Bad Time Choices” characterized by a slower rhythm and the filtered vocal that envelops the listener. A more lysergic track with good guitar inserts in the second part, the slow pacing of the song hypnotizes the listener by rocking him with heavy distortions. “Elvis Aaron Stoner” returns to a tighter and more pounding rhythm, with driving bass lines and granite guitar riffs on which the vocal offers a more aggressive singing than the previous ones. With darker features it is an energetic track, a healthy dose of modern and engaging Stoner Rock. Rolls of drum and a scratchy guitar characterize “Saint Reaper Waltz” with a vocal reminiscent of bands like Monolords. The bass lines are deep and load-bearing and the guitar guides the melodies throughout the song, also offering a silent cue in the second part. A heavy intertwining between guitar and bass with an accelerated rhythm and “Melalcoholia” opens where we find a massive dose of distortions. A fast and energetic track, dark in some vocal traits, with the guitar always in the foreground. “Suddenly Like A Robot” is characterized by a pressing rhythm session and distorted guitar interlacing that gives the track a darker touch in the finale. The singing is enveloping and the bass lines tie the drumming well with the guitar works, giving that extra power that the song requires. “Gianni” develops between granite riffs and an incessant rhythmic session, while the vocal returns to the more enveloping atmospheres of the opening pieces. The mix between heavy and more lysergic traits is successful and the track sums up the musical concept of the band well, in line with the current releases of the genre. The album ends with the longest track “Yawning Girl” which is a reference to the band Yawning Man, entirely instrumental, favoring the good work of the guitar. The textures are slower and more dilated, in favor of winning riffs and passages closer to the Desert Rock sounds, creating an acidic atmosphere where the guitar stands out. A good album for this band that offers a mixture of Stoner, Desert and Fuzz Rock in line with the current releases of the genre, showing energy and good ideas. A listening recommended for lovers of the genre, who will find here all the elements they are looking for in records like this, a nice journey through these 10 tracks that I recommend you do.


01. Deadly Lines (2:55)
02. Deflagration Deal (2:03)
03. Bad Time Choices (4:59)
04. Elvis Aaron Stoner (3:11)
05. Saint Reaper Waltz (4:22)
06. Melalcoholia (4:34)
07. Suddenly Like A Robot (4:11)
08. Charlie Song (Thirteen Times Yeah) (2:22)
09. Gianni (4:43)
10. Yawning Girl (7:05)


Fabio Speranza / Voice and Guitar
Francesco Leo / Drums
Stefano Parodi / Bass

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Argonauta Records|Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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