[Review] The Wring – Project Cypher

The Wring is a Canadian Heavy Prog band born from an idea of Don Dewulf, who together with top level musicians recorded “Project Cypher.” The album contains 7 medium length tracks and was released on May 28, 2021 via Wormholedeath Records and featured a fine mix of Prog and Heavy traits, well composed and performed. The album opens with “The Light” already released as a single with attached video, which begins with a solid rhythm session, deep bass lines and pleasant guitar weaves. Enter the vocal, warm and expressive that adapts precisely to the tempo changes of the song. An impactful track, well built and that immediately plunges us into the atmosphere of the disc, certainly the tempo changes are an added value in the sound of the band. In the finale there is room for an instrumental section and with the return of the sung the piece closes. “Sorceress” begins with guitar arpeggios more Rock than the previous one, while the structure of the track is always enriched by continuous tempo changes that lead us towards the Prog. The vocal is again important and adapts well to the various developments of the piece. The mixes between bass and guitar are of exquisite workmanship and the absence of keyboards is not felt, with all the spaces well covered by the instruments. The other single that the band has proposed is “Cipher” which starts with a heavier power than the previous ones, both in the riffs and in the more tight rhythm session. Even the atmospheres are darker, with phrases between guitar and bass that create strong impact melodies, embellished with long instrumental tempo changes. In this track more space is given to the instruments and the individual technique is put at the service of the band creating an excellent entirely instrumental track. “Steelier” is exactly in the middle of the album and is characterized by the return of the vocals and a more Rock structure, to facilitate the insertion of the vocal. A good compromise between heavy sounds and softer Prog passages that once again highlight both the compositional and executive techniques. The guitar is the protagonist, while the rhythmic session is in balance between elaborate passages and other more linear ones, also showing excellent individual technique. “Dissension” begins with apparently softer electric guitar weaves, and then with a change catapulting us into a track halfway between Hard Rock and Prog. Once again, the mix of genres that makes the album unpredictable and pleasantly surprising at each passage is pleasant. In the second part, it takes place again in the instrumental section bringing the sound towards a heavier sound even with a pleasant guitar solo. The shorter track of the album “Dose” is very elaborate in structure with interweaving between guitar and rhythm section in continuous change. The vocal also follows the changes in the sound and passes from solo parts to other choral parts always on the piece. At times intricate, despite the short duration it leaves us good feelings and inside it contains excellent ideas. Closes the disc “Touch” which begins with a duet of drum and bass to which the guitar is soon added, with a softer touch here. The vocal enters and the latraccia develops by increasing the intensity, while remaining more delicate than the previous pieces, giving a good space to the phrasing between the instruments and the singing is always well inserted in the context. A good album that showcases how Don Dewulf, the mind behind this project, has clear ideas and a good compositional and executive technique, as well as all the artists involved. This record leaves us with good sensations and the desire to be listened to other times in the future, managing to skillfully mix Prog sounds with more Heavy features. Mainly focused on the guitar, it is not the usual manifesto of technique and virtuosity as an end in themselves but a record where all the performers express their individual technique at the service of the band’s sound. A listening recommended to all lovers of the harder sounds of Prog, with Hard Rock and Metal traits, with modern sounds projected both in the present and in the future of the genre. It will be interesting to listen to these artists live.


1. The Light 04:10
2. Sorceress 04:43
3. Cipher 04:29
4. Steelier 04:25
5. Dissension 04:08
6. Dose 03:27
7. Touch 04:29


Don Dewulf / Guitars
Marc Bonilla / Vocals
Thomas Lang / Drums
Bryan Beller / Bass (Tracks 2, 4, 5)
Jason Henrie / Bass (Tracks 1, 3, 6, 7)
Jason Sadites / Guitar (Solo-Track 5)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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