[Review] Himmellegeme – Variola Vera

Himmellegeme is a Psychedelic Rock band with Progressive influences, originally from Norway, characterized by Heavy riffs and melancholy melodies. On October 1, 2021 “Variola Vera” was released via Karisma Records containing 8 tracks of average length. The characteristic atmospheres of Nordic Prog with that melancholic touch mix with Space Rock, creating a sound with personal traits. An album in which the band mixes with precision all the influences contained in their sound, showing us a mature sound and respecting expectations. We move from the opener “Shaping Mirrors Like Smoke” where we find a mix of melancholy and sharp riffs with an emotional vocal to a more delicate song like “Heart Listening.” References to the ’70s are present, but they have been interpreted with a fresh and modern personal touch as in “Blowing Raspberries” where the combination of retro and modern sounds is successful, with engaging features. “Brother” is instead a decidedly modern version of the genre, in the form of a ‘song’ with more delicate and dreamy atmospheres but with refined textures. “Let the Mother Burn” is a Psychedelic journey, dilated sounds and effects taken almost to the extreme, showing their more acid side, with guitar weaves and a vocal that envelop and rock you for almost 5 minutes. More biting in the riffs and with a powerful rhythmic session “Caligula” has references of Psychedelic Blues of the late 60s brought into the modern world with a truly personal technique and sound research. The final instrumental section of the piece is very pleasant, where at times an effected vocal is inserted. While the hypnotic “Agafia” kidnaps you in the meanders of the guitar riffs and in its dilated and repeated sounds, between accelerated and softer parts where the band guides us in a lysergic journey in crescendo. The very dark and introspective title track “Variola Vera” concludes, with dark atmospheres and a minimal but deep rhythmic session between guitar and piano intertwining and spatial effects. An album recommended for the freshness of the sounds, original and at the same time full of references to the great groups of the Psychdelico and Space genre, with modern and retro Prog and Rock features at the same time. A satisfaction to be able to listen to artists like this with clear ideas, technique and refined plots. Those who love classic Psychedelic sounds will be amazed at how they manage to bring the sound of the golden times to the present day with a fresh, modern and personal work. A recommended listening and a band to consider both today and in the future, it will be interesting to listen to these musicians in a live performance.


1. Shaping Mirrors Like Smoke
2. Heart Listening
3. Blowing Raspberries
4. Brother
5. Let the Mother Burn
6. Caligula
7. Agafia
8. Variola Vera


Aleksander Vormestrand / Vocals, Guitar
Hein Alexander Olson / Lead Guitar
Lauritz Isaksen / Keyboards
Erik Alfredsen / Bass
Thord Nordli / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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