[Review] Trippelgänger – Second Trip

Trippelgänger is a Danish band that offers a Heavy sound between Stoner Rock, Metal and Doom inspired by the 70s. The new EP “Second Trip” was released on May 13, 2022 and contains 3 tracks of medium to long duration. The opening track “Out of Order” features Doom sounds with massive guitar riffs and a solid, slow-paced rhythm session. The vocal is enveloping and with dark features, the band is able to bring back the heaviest sounds of the 70s in a modern key, with a good guitar and keyboard duet in the finale. “Evil” was proposed as a single that anticipates the EP, an energetic and engaging track closer to traditional Heavy Metal sounds. The choral vocal is one that remains in mind and the riffs are well done, with a solid and tight rhythmic session. A song that brings to mind the purest sounds of Metal in a modern key. The listening ends with “Witchcraft” which is the longest in duration, exceeding 7 minutes and returns to the more Doom sounds, with a darker atmosphere and a slower rhythm. By combining Metal and Rock traits always of Doom matrix, after a slower and more enveloping first part in the central part it accelerates. It increases the intensity and the references to the first Black Sabbath are felt in the riffs and sound, and then slow down and return to the initial dark lines. An EP that offers two tracks with a more Doom imprint and one more in line with classic Heavy Metal, more energetic and engaging. The two Doom tracks combine Metal and Rock traits with darker passages in the final, while the central track is more anthemic and with a choral vocal and a retro sound. A listening recommended for lovers of more Heavy and mainly Doom sounds, with a good vocal and a sound in line with the classics of the genre.


01. Out of Order (04:49)
02. Evil (04:12)
03. Witchcraft (07:43)


Christoffer F. Moland / Drums
Nicklas Lind / Guitar, Vocals
Tobias Jacobsen / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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