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Zane is the new project of the American multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Zane, who officially started his music career in 2016 under the name Yelept. Conceived and developed as a one-man band, the artist only occasionally collaborates with other musicians, making sure his ideas can be expressed in music without hindrance. The proposed genre is a blend of Doom, Sludge with Southern Metal influences. The debut EP of this new project titled “She Has Wings” was released on April 22, 2022 via Wormholedeath Records and contains 4 tracks ranging in length from 3 to nearly 9 minutes. The title track “She Has Wings” starts the EP with massive and heavy guitar riffs, a monolithic rhythm session and a dirty and powerful vocal. In the central part it is enriched with tempo changes, and then in the second it returns to the Doom Metal / Sludge sounds at the beginning of the song and with the last sung parts close. The longest running track “She Breathes” features dark sounds, heavy guitar riffs and an aggressive vocal with deep bass lines and massive drumming. Focused on well-constructed guitar riffs, and a sound that combines the heavier traits of Doom and Sludge, highlights the distinctive sound of this project. “She Dies” has a more accelerated rhythm and a more Heavy Metal imprint, always with a Doom touch and the guitar protagonist of convincing riffs and well-developed textures. The sound is solid, a concentrate of power, dark atmospheres, devoid of singing is a granite track. The listening closes with “Science Fiction” featuring Creatures Of Habit, different from the previous ones, a mixture of electronics and distorted and cutting guitars. The vovcale is clean and the mix of genres is successful, creating an intense and original piece. An EP of which offers more Heavy and Metal sounds, of Doom with marked Sludge influences, dirty vocals and a monolithic rhythmic session. The guitar is at the center of the scene with well-built riffs, the sound is solid, for a listening recommended for lovers of Doom Metal sounds, who will surely find quality ideas.

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1. She Has Wings (04:50)
2. She Breathes (08:55)
3. She Dies (05:53)
4. Science Fiction ft. Creatures Of Habit (02:56)

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