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Torrents is a four-piece Rock band originally from the USA and formed in 2018 with the intention of offering Heavy sound with a Progressive approach. The new EP “Dual Fates” on April 29, 2022 and contains 5 medium-long tracks. The opening track “Betrayer” features heavy guitar riffs, a solid rhythmic session, with a vocal with modern overtones. In the central part they develop an instrumental section with guitar solo textures and tempo changes, and then return the vocal and the initial theme and close. Tracing the sounds of the previous “Echoes” it combines Heavy riffs and accelerations to drumming with a Rock sound, with a voical that is not very incisive in my opinion. In the final part they develop an interesting instrumental section, in my opinion the best passage of the piece. “Dream Eternal” is the longest track of the EP, which alternates more melodic passages with openings where the band releases all its energy with heavy riffs and a heavier sound. With a musical imprint linked to the modern sounds of Rock, I find some ideas and passages interesting, adding a little more personal traits, it could be a very interesting track. An intro with guitar arpeggios opens “Redeemer” which develops the heaviest sound of the record, and also in my opinion the best mix of ideas. A medium length track, which in my opinion enhances the main characteristics of the band’s sound, between tempo changes and instrumental parts with the guitar in evidence. The listening ends with “Beacon” which continues on the heavier sounds of the previous one, an environment in which the band expresses itself best in my opinion. Alternating sung passages and intense instrumental parts, he shows how in the previous one the most personal traits of the group, well composed and performed summarizes the main characteristics of their sound. An album that in my opinion contains the best ideas in the final part and in tracks 4 and 5 in particular, while in the previous ones they do not express their technique and sound in the best possible way. With more personal traits and more Heavy, a style in which they express themselves best, this band combines modern traits of Prog and Rock with a solid rhythmic session and the guitar at the center of the scene with granite riffs and elaborate textures. The starting point is good and in my opinion with some small improvements this band will be able to carve out its own space in the modern Rock scene.


01. Betrayer (04:12)
02. Echoes (04:23)
03. Dream Eternal (06:58)
04. Redeemer (04:17)
05. Beacon (06:53)


Mike Lorenzen / Guitar and Vocals
Seth Randolph / Guitar
Ryan Aliff / Bass
B-rad / Drums

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