[New Releases] August 2021 Progressive Metal new releases

August 1, 2021Tau ZeroThe MonolithProgressive Metal
August 1, 2021Chaos over CosmosThe Silver Lining Between the StarsProgressive Metal, Power Metal
August 4, 2021人間椅子苦楽Progressive Metal, Doom
August 5, 2021MDSPiano Impro 14Progressive Metal
August 6, 2021InsurgentSentient EP Progressive Metal
August 6, 2021MDSLost Memories 5Progressive Metal
August 7, 2021AnderuviusPainter of the UniverseProgressive Metal
August 10, 2021M1keThe SiegeProgressive Metal
August 11, 2021XFearsThe FirstProgressive Metal
August 12, 2021MDSPiano Impro 15Progressive Metal
August 13, 2021Steve BelloMood SwingsProgressive Metal
August 14, 2021LimuriaLimuriaProgressive Metal, Power Metal
August 14, 2021Memory DrivenThe Earthen LostProgressive Metal, Doom
August 15, 2021SpacebagParty Prog Nights EPProgressive Metal
August 15, 2021MDSZonesProgressive Metal
August 18, 2021It Will LastNightmares in DaylightProgressive Metal
August 18, 2021MDSPiano Impro 16Progressive Metal
August 19, 2021MDSHammingProgressive Metal
August 20, 2021Lucid AwakeningDrifting in a Sea of UncertaintyProgressive Metal
August 20, 2021MDSReverseProgressive Metal
August 23, 2021Anu EriduVision of Life EPProgressive Metal
August 24, 2021MDSPiano Impro 17Progressive Metal
August 25, 2021LeprousAphelionProgressive Metal[REVIEW]
August 26, 2021MDSSystemProgressive Metal
August 27, 2021HevelPawn EPProgressive Metal
August 27, 2021Life ArtistLifelinesProgressive Metal
August 27, 2021Veil of ConspiracyEchoes of WinterProgressive Metal
August 27, 2021Kenn NardiTraumaProgressive Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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