[New Releases] August 2021 Progressive Rock new releases

August 01, 2021Maat LanderElements: AirInstrumental Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock
August 01, 2021Dewa BudjanaNauroraInstrumental Progressive Rock
August 01, 2021Anders Helmerson TrioOpus IInstrumental Jazz Prog
August 02, 2021Daliborovo GranjeHaininInstrumental Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock
August 04, 2021KorekyojinnMesopotamiaInstrumental Progressive Rock, Jazz Prog
August 05, 2021KhadavraHologramPsychedelic Rock
August 06, 2021The CyberiamConnectedHeavy Prog[REVIEW]
August 06, 2021Feeling of PresenceOf Lost IllussionInstrumental Progressive Rock
August 06, 2021HawklordsTimeSpace Rock
August 06, 2021Elisa MontaldoFistful of planets part IIProgressive Rock, Folk Prog
August 06, 2021AirbridgeMemories of WaterNeo Prog
August 06, 2021Nik TurnerI Do What I LikePsychedelic Rock, Space Rock
August 11, 2021Umphrey’s McGeeYou Walked Up Shaking In Your Boots But You Stood Tall And Left A Raging BullInstrumental Progressive Rock
August 13, 2021Ethan LangemoThe Withered BloomPsychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock
August 13, 2021DikajeeForget​~​Me​~​NotsProgressive Rock, Folk Prog
August 13, 2021Tyler KamenThe Cassowary ManifestoProgressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock
August 14, 2021 SendelicaAnd Man Created GodPsychedelic Rock, Space Rock
August 15, 2021Ars De ErOther SideInstrumental Progressive Rock
August 16, 2021Ángel OntalvaAngel On A TowerInstrumental Jazz Prog
August 17, 2021Manna/MirageMan Out Of TimeInstrumental Avant-Garde/ Experimental
August 17, 2021Arnaud Quevedo & FriendsRoanSymphonic Prog, Jazz Prog[REVIEW]
August 17, 2021Deafening OperaDriftwoodAcoustic Progressive Rock
August 17, 2021FragileBeyondProgressive Rock
August 20, 2021TrifectaFragmentsInstrumental Jazz Prog
August 20, 2021AntinodeThe Canary that Named the StarsNeo Prog[REVIEW]
August 20, 2021ArgosThe Other LifeProgressive Rock
August 20, 2021Mythopoeic MindHatchlingProgressive Rock
August 20, 2021Nik TurnerI Do What I LikePsychedelic Rock, Space Rock
August 25, 2021SyndoneKama SutraSymphonic Prog[REVIEW]
August 27, 2021Force of ProgressRedesignInstrumental Progressive Rock
August 27, 2021NMB (The Neal Morse Band)Innocence & DangerProgressive Rock
August 31, 2021Michael P. DawsonRats’ AlleyProgressive Rock, Jazz Prog

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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