[New Releases] May 2023 new releases

May 01, 2023Ocean’s EdgeThe VoyagerProgressive Metal
May 01, 2023AsattaDeserve to DieDoom
May 01, 2023Ola EnglundThe Chug Project, Vol.1Progressive Metal
May 01, 2023Jon Brændsgaard ToftBrick By BrickFolk Prog
May 01, 2023Grief CollectorIn Times of WoeDoom
May 01, 2023NevBornAlkaios · Part I · The EagleProgressive Post-Rock
May 01, 2023Bone MountainSkullStoner, Doom
May 02, 2023MarrowindRituals and Prophecies EPDoom, Stoner
May 03, 2023Cult of SheevThe Book of DeadDoom, Stoner
May 03, 2023Home Brewed UniverseWorldviewInstrumental Progressive Rock/Metal
May 03, 2023Charles BrownA New AwakeningInstrumental Progressive Rock
May 03, 2023InhaleEasy Way OutDoom, Stoner
May 04, 2023Marco RagniIllusory motionPsychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock
May 04, 2023François ThollotRevolutionInstrumentalProgressive Rock
May 04, 2023Elegant SimplicityDon’t Look Down (at the End of the World)Progressive Rock
May 05, 2023Epic DownEquinox Pt.2Doom
May 05, 2023Mother DivineSpace CreationProgressive Metal
May 05, 2023Monika Roscher BigbandWitchy Activities And The Maple DeathJazz Prog, Art Rock
May 05, 2023Psycho FaceThe FirmamentProgressive Metal
May 05, 2023Wyatt EarpGods & BulletsHeavy Prog
May 05, 2023MarekvistVardeFolk Prog
May 05, 2023The Legendary Flower PunkRomantic Warrior Strikes AgainInstrumental Progressive Rock
May 05, 2023Marco MinnemannTheir Colors FadeProgressive Rock
May 05, 2023CairoNemesisProgressive Rock
May 05, 2023KanaanDownpourInstrumental Psychedelic Rock
May 05, 2023SproinggHirnkäseProgressive Rock
May 05, 2023CinétiquaCrossing Borders EPFolk Prog, Jazz Prog[REVIEW]
May 05, 2023Vvon Dogma IThe Kvlt of GlitchInstrumental Progressive Avant Metal
May 05, 2023AntilabéAnimi MotusProgressive Rock
May 05, 2023Sovereign CouncilWorld on Fire EPSymphonic Progressive Metal
May 05, 2023Tyler KamenBamboozle TesseractProgressive Rock
May 05, 2023NeoliaNeoliaProgressive Metal
May 05, 2023a.P.A.t.T.WeAvant Prog, Art Rock
May 05, 2023Blood CeremonyThe Old Ways RemainPsychedelic Rock, Doom
May 05, 2023VinterseaWoven into AshesProgressive Metal
May 05, 2023Iron HearseSuper Heavy Incendiary TransmissionsDoom
May 05, 2023LumskFremmede TonerProgressive Rock, Folk Prog
May 05, 2023SaturniidaeBook of RitualsStoner, Doom
May 07, 2023DarkflowInsane CircusProgressive Metal
May 07, 2023GripSolsticiDoom, Stoner
May 10, 2023PlanestriderThree Days’ TimeStoner
May 11, 2023R’lyehCitizen KDoom, Stoner
May 12, 2023AlconautEndless SkiesStoner
May 12, 2023Chaos InsideThe Raven, the Joker and the MachineProgressive Metal
May 12, 2023PulsonicaEco InfinitoInstrumental Jazz Prog
May 12, 2023LSDoomThemAvant-Garde/Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, Doom
May 12, 2023OmenrodThe Amensal RiseProgressive Metal
May 12, 2023Il Cerchio D’OroPangea E Le Tre LuneRock Progressivo Italiano
May 12, 2023HackberryBreathing SpaceInstrumental Heavy Prog
May 12, 2023Their Dogs Were AstronautsMomentumInstrumental Progressive Metal
May 12, 2023Void MasterThe Persistent Rot of ExistenceDoom, Stoner
May 12, 2023Chaos InsideThe Raven, the Joker and the MachineProgressive Metal
May 12, 2023SubterfugePhilosopherProgressive Metal
May 12, 2023Hex A.D.Delightful Sharp EdgesProgressive Doom Metal
May 12, 2023Rod1313OvercomeProgressive Metal
May 12, 2023They Watch Us from the MoonCosmic Chronicles, Act I: The AscensionStoner, Doom
May 14, 2023SkincaseHonka WonkaStoner, Doom
May 15, 2023MysteryRedemptionProgressive Rock
May 16, 2023Jay TausigInstrumental Psychedelic
May 16, 2023Egor LappoAbandoned CornersProgressive Rock
May 17, 2023MoonstoneGrowthDoom, Stoner
May 19, 2023BotanistVIII: SelenotropeProgressive Post-Metal
May 19, 2023Greyfox AgendaOne With The SoundProgressive Rock
May 19, 2023Ring of GygesMetamorphosisHeavy Prog
May 19, 2023Horizon’s EndThe Great DestroyerProgressive Metal
May 19, 2023ESP ProjectReverieSymphonic Prog
May 19, 2023DROTTTROLLInstrumental Progressive Rock
May 19, 2023Bend the FutureSounds So WrongProgressive Rock, Jazz Prog[REVIEW]
May 19, 2023Giant The VineA Chair At The BackdoorInstrumental Progressive Post-Rock[REVIEW]
May 19, 2023The OceanHoloceneProgressive Post-Rock
May 19, 2023YesMirror to the SkyProgressive Rock[REVIEW]
May 19, 2023NospūnOpusProgressive Metal[REVIEW]
May 19, 2023Dave Foster BandGlimmerProgressive Rock
May 19, 2023New Dawn FadesForever EPDoom, Stoner
May 19, 2023AegirThe AwakeningProgressive Metal
May 19, 2023Horizon’s EndThe Great DestroyerProgressive Metal
May 19, 2023GozuRemedyStoner, Doom
May 19, 2023Ring of GygesMetamorphosisHeavy Prog
May 20, 2023Bounded RationalityBounded Rationality EPProgressive Metal
May 20, 2023Crypto KnightSummer Skies” EPProgressive Rock
May 21, 2023iViErr or ErrataStoner, Doom
May 21, 2023Sound Of StrangersCrossing BordersNeo Prog
May 21, 2023AllomerusBroken SymmetryProgressive Rock
May 22, 2023Cactus CathedralSuspending All BeliefStoner, Doom
May 22, 2023Distorted ForceAngelic BloodshedProgressive Metal
May 22, 2023Wolf PeltWolf Pelt EPProgressive Doom Metal
May 23, 2023Prophets of Conviction7Progressive Metal
May 24, 2023Adam JurczyńskiBreathArt Rock, Progressive Rock
May 25, 2023Triciclo00 11 37 EPStoner, Doom
May 26, 2023OckraGratitudeProgressive Doom Metal
May 26, 2023Seven ImpaleSummitHeavy Prog, Jazz Prog[REVIEW]
May 26, 203OceanlordKingdom ColdPsychedelic Rock, Doom
May 26, 2023GodsticksThis Is What A Winner Looks LikeProgressive Metal
May 28, 2023Swamp FireInvasive Species – Part I EPPsychedelic Rock, Stoner
May 29, 2023Wytches MoonGrimoire II: AbrahadabraPsychedelic Doom, Stoner
May 30, 2023Le Vele di OnirideLa Quadratura del CerchioRock Progressivo Italiano[REVIEW]
May 31, 2023Dodo Resurrection IIA Treatise on Ceremonial MagicPsycheedlic Rock, Progressive Rock[REVIEW]

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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