[New Releases] October 2021 Progressive Metal new releases

October 1, 2021NyxbornΔαιμονολόγιοProgressive Metal
October 1, 2021OrphicNoumenaProgressive Metal
October 1, 2021PhoenixПриказкаHeavy/Progressive Metal
October 1, 2021EnslavedCaravans to the Outer Worlds EPProgressive Metal, Folk Meatl
October 1, 2021One Man War BandConquerorsProgressive Metal
October 1, 2021ReaperEntropy EPProgressive Metal
October 2, 2021MDSSeason Change 11Progressive Metal
October 3, 2021UnFacedPillars of MadnessProgressive Metal
October 4, 2021LychnobiteThe Enigma DeliriumProgressive Metal, Power Metal
October 5, 2021Blessings ChisamaUniverse EPProgressive Metal
October 5, 2021TeramazeAnd the Beauty They PerceiveProgressive Metal
October 5, 2021MDSPiano Impro 23Progressive Metal/Rock
October 6, 2021In-ExistencePatient ZeroProgressive Metal
October 6, 2021AngraØmni LivePower Metal, Progressive Metal
October 8, 2021DiathekeDiathekeProgressive Metal
October 8, 2021Black SitesUntrueProgressive Metal
October 10, 2021AthemonAthemonProgressive Metal
October 11, 2021OctaleKilling Time EPProgressive Metal
October 11, 2021AthemonAthemonProgressive Metal[REVIEW]
October 14, 2021Power 5AdrenalinProgressive Metal, Power Metal
October 15, 2021DevoidLonely Eye MovementProgressive Metal
October 15, 2021The SalesmanOf Dust and DecayProgressive Metal
October 15, 2021Cause UnknownKetchup EPProgressive Metal
October 15, 2021SheevMind ConductorProgressiveMetal, Psychedelic Rock
October 15, 2021THSLMemories Of A DreamProgressive Metal, Symphonic Metal[REVIEW]
October 18, 2021Memory DrivenHeirs to the Garden EPProgressive Metal, Doom
October 21, 2021Within ProgressInnerProgressive Metal
October 21, 2021IgneaBestia [Split]Symphonic Progressive Metal with Middle-Eastern Folk influences
October 22, 2021Dream TheaterA View from the Top of the WorldProgressive Metal[REVIEW]
October 22, 2021ChorosiaA Call to LoveProgressive Metal
October 22, 2021ZychDante’s Inferno Part IProgressive Metal, Power Metal
October 22, 2021Venus SyndromeCannibal StarProgressive Metal
October 22, 2021Others By No OneBook II: Where Stories Come FromProgressive Metal[REVIEW]
October 23, 2021Prospekt MirIndustrial Eclipse EPProgressive Metal
October 24, 2021Aborted HeroGolden SamuraiProgressive Metal
October 24, 2021Iron Attack!Maze of GradationProgressive Metal, Power Metal
October 26, 2021Francesco FareriPrimal InstinctProgressive Metal
October 26, 2021ScigodThe Saayé Slaughter EPSymphonic Progressive Metal
October 26, 2021ReaperRebirth of ChaosProgressive Metal
October 28, 2021Water on MarsWalking with the Devil in Our Fantasies EPProgressive Metal
October 28, 2021The Giant VoidThought InsertionProgressive Metal, Power Metal
October 29, 2021Cyclopean WallsEnter the DreamlandsProgressive Metal
October 29, 2021AlvablotHarmonic DystopiaProgressive Power Metal
October 29, 2021Garden of DarknessShokaiProgressive Metal, Power Metal
October 29, 2021MastodonHushed and GrimProgressive Metal
October 30, 2021ZenitzscheGhost of the Past EPProgressive Metal
October 31, 2021Grand OpusObsession EPPower Metal, Progressive Metal
October 31, 2021Weird BlendsThe SightProgressive Metal, Folk Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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