[News] A fan published the entire Camel performance at NEARfest 29-06-2003 (SBD Recording)

A fan published on his YouTube Channel called FRANKZAPPA2 the entire Camel performance at NEARfest 29-06-2003 (SBD Recording). Stream it through the player below:

NEARfest 2003, Patriots Theatre, Trenton June 29, 2003


01. Lady Fantasy
02. Unevensong
03. Hymn To Her
04. Echoes
05. Drafted
06. Rhayader
07. Rhayader Goes To Town
08. Lunar Sea
09. Another Night
10. Ice
11. Spirit Of The Water
12. Fox Hill
13. Arubaluba
14. Mother Road
15. For Today
16. Never Let Go


Andrew Latimer / Guitar, Flute, Vocals
Colin Bass / Bass, Vocals
Tom Brislin / Keyboards, Vocals
Denis Clement / Drums

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