[News] Besvärjelsen’s “Atlas” now available on Clear Neon Yellow Vinyl via Magnetic Eye Records

From the official Magnetic Eye Records newsletter:

What to do when you like Rock and Doom born from the desert but your surroundings offer anything but arid lands? Besvärjelsen found an impressive answer in the grim forests of their homeland in Dalarna, Sweden. Having grown up in the far north at the meeting grounds of ancient Norse and Finnish cultures amongst echoes of runes and gods, shamans and spirits.

Yet Besvärjelsen are anything but another “pagan” outfit longing for a time that never was. On their sophomore full-length “Atlas,” aptly named after the mythical Greek titan who literally carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, the Swedes take a huge step toward the perfect wedding of melodic doom with subtle touches of Prog as well as Punk, Folk, and Classic Rock.

We’ve now repressed it on clear neon yellow vinyl. Experience it for yourself here:

With its wistful melodies and towering riff-power, “Atlas” represents a logical progression along the course that Besvärjelsen charted from the start.

Re-purposing melancholic harmonies that could have been derived from the playbook of Alice In Chains, adding gravity that would make Windhand proud, and topping their upgraded sound with exciting yet intimate vocal lines, Besvärjelsen have carved a towering monolith from solid rock and planted it firmly into the magical woods of their homeland to send its heavy lay-lines around the globe.

There are only 500 copies of this pressing available, so to get one you’ll want to fact fast. Experience the Swedish Heavy magic here: http://lnk.spkr.media/besvarjelsen-atlas

Heavy listening!
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