[News] British ‘60s Psychedelic legends Nirvana’s “Songlife” The Vinyl Box Set 1967-1972 To Be Released by Madfish Music

British ‘60s Psychedelic Legends Nirvana’s ‘Songlife’ The Vinyl Box Set 1967-1972 To Be Released by Madfish Music on February 26, 2021

First time appearance of all 6 Nirvana albums together in one deluxe vinyl box set including the never before released 1972 LP “Secrets

On February 26, 2021 Madfish Music will release Nirvana‘s “Songlife” 1967-72, a 6 LP vinyl Deluxe Box Set housing all 5 of the band’s pioneering studio albums – The Story Of Simon Simopath; All Of Us; Dedicated To Markos III aka Black Flower; Local Anaesthetic; Songs Of Love And Praise – alongside the never before released 1972 LP “Secrets.” Nirvana were essentially the duo of Irishman Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Greek Alex Spyropoulos – who, following a chance meeting in London during the summer of 1966, took a long, strange trip together.

It’s the first time the band’s recorded output has ever been collated together on one release and is an engrossing body of work to explore. These albums sit comfortably with some of the other great works of the time – the Zombies, The Kinks and the Pretty Things included. And whilst Nirvana are most famous for their British Psychedelic classic “Rainbow Chaser,” as the music contained here displays, there was so much more to them than just that celebrated single, for they reached far and wide into the musical strato-sphere with a technicolour vision.

Four of the original albums have been remastered from their original ¼ inch tapes and the box itself comes with a 52-page booklet featuring liner notes from renowned author Peter Doggett, interviews with Patrick & Alex from Nirvana, full discography, rare newspaper clippings, previously unseen pho-tos, posters and sleeves, and an exclusive Gered Mankowitz print signed in-dividually by the band. Of key interest to fans will be the “Secrets” album which was only recently unearthed in its entirety, its origins began as a musical score that Nirvana had planned on bringing to London’s Theatres and stages in the early Seventies.

Nirvana’s story remains a wonderful tale of artistic ambition and entwined within it lies a roll call of supporting cast heroes that includes The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Traffic, Chris Blackwell, Salvador Dali, Francoise Hardy, Tony Visconti, and many more.

The enduring beauty of Nirvana is that over 5 decades since their paths crossed, Patrick and Alex remain good friends to this day with both of them residing in Greece. Patrick Campbell-Lyonssays: “Now, as young elderly men, I can say with pride and joy that our friendship is as strong as it was fifty years ago. We see each other often, here in Athens, and respect each other’s creative space. And once in a while we write and record a new song together. Those moments are special, like our friendship.

Nirvana - Songlife 1967-72


Act I
1 Wings Of Love
2 Lonely Boy
3 We Can Help You
4 Satellite Jockey
5 In The Courtyard Of The Stars

Act II
1 You Are Just The One
2 Pentecost Hotel
3 I Never Had A Love Like This Before
4 Take This Hand
5 1999


Side One

1 Rainbow Chaser
2 Tiny Goddess
3 The Touchables (All Of Us)
4 Melanie Blue
5 Trapeze
6 The Show Must Go On

Side Two

1 Girl In The Park
2 Miami Masquerade
3 Frankie The Great
4 You Can Try It
5 Everybody Loves The Clown
6 St. John’s Wood Affair


Side One

1 The World Is Cold Without You
2 Excerpt From “The Blind & The Beautiful”
3 I Talk To My Room
4 Christopher Lucifer
5 Aline Cherie

Side Two

1 Tres, Tres Bien
2 It Happened Two Sundays Ago
3 Black Flower
4 Love Suite
5 Illinois


Side One

Modus Operandi (Method Of Work)

Side Two


– Salutation
– Construction
– Destruction
– Re-Construction
– Fanfare


Side One

1 Rainbow Chaser
2 Please Believe Me
3 Lord Up Above
4 She’s Lost It
5 Nova Sketch

Side Two

1 Pentecost Hotel
2 I Need Your Love Tonight
3 Will There Be Me
4 Stadium


Side One

1 Secrets (Intro)
2 I Don’t Care
3 Someone Stole My Mona Lisa
4 Bingo Boy
5 Living In A Blind Spot
6 It’s Good To Have A Heart
7 In The Shadow Of That Old Love Affair

Side Two

1 I Want To Touch / The Big Fight
2 Two Of A Kind
3 Why Don’t You Like Me
4 Secrets (Reprise)
5 What You Do You Are
6 Freedom Chaser

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Released by Madfish Music on February 26th 2021

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