[News] Camel’s Andrew Latimer teams up with Tiger Moth Tales on the track “Light” from new album

Camel keyboardist Peter Jones has teamed up with his bandmate Andrew Latimer on Tiger Moth Tales‘ new single “Light.” It’s the closing track on “A Song Of Spring,” which is out now via Robert Reed‘s White Knight label. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

I wanted to finish the album with something big and anthemic,” says Jones of the song. “Light was originally about letting out the darkness of winter, and letting in the light of spring, but I had already done that with the opening track Spring Fever. Enter John and Elizabeth Holden, who penned the lyric about getting over the death of a partner, which is always sadly relevant to somebody, somewhere. Then we mixed that with the original theme, and it all came together as an emotional belter.

He adds: “Andy had been up for playing on one of my songs for a while, but we’d somehow never got it together. I knew Light would be the ideal track for Andy, so I just gave him plenty of bars of the chorus chords to jam over and do his own thing. The result was breathtaking, and it really felt like a ‘sun coming up’ moment, and the perfect way to end the album. Andy’s a lovely guy, and what he brings to the album in just one solo is incredible and I’m so very grateful for his contribution.

A Song Of Spring” – which is also available as “Spring re-Loaded” with bonus tracks – is the second of TMT‘s ‘seasons‘ albums, which began in 2017 with “The Depths Of Winter.”

Pre-order the album here: https://www.whiteknightshop2.co.uk/home/Tiger-Moth-Tales-c36255878


  1. Spring Fever
  2. Forester
  3. Dance ‘Til Death
  4. Holi
  5. The Goddess And The Green Man
  6. Mad March Hare
  7. Rapa Nui
  8. Light

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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