[News] Dramandhur published the single “Ixaltirud” taken from upcoming debut album

Dramandhur, an unreleased project from Sicily, has entered into an agreement to publish the debut album “Tramohr” with BloodRock Records (Paul Chain, Doomraiser, Abysmal Grief, Deathless Legacy) and Nero Corvino, on October 11, 2022. Watch the visual art video through the YouTube player below:

Decibel Peak // Prophet Vibrations ...

Dramanduhr‘s style is difficult to categorize, but it is evocative of Mediterranean, esoteric and liturgical sensations. The album is sung entirely in Dahrmonium, a language of glossolalia belonging solely to the project itself.

Ixaltirud” is the first emanation of the project, the “zero track” from which it all began and is sung in “Dahrmonium”. Dahrmonium is an evocative language of pure glossolalia, which aims to emanate archetypal vibrations to communicate and worship the Absolute.

Pre-order the album on Bandcamp: https://dramanduhr.bandcamp.com/releases


1. Dramanduhr
2. Ixaltirud 03:57
3. Ixtratarrastràh 03:21
4. Tàhn Stun Karràh 03:40
5. Anassihn Tharek
6. Tàh Loh Rehn Kilt
7. Tèhr Ick Tarramàh
8. Rahm Deh Rahm
9. Retrizaxerat
10. Tramohr

It was Christmas, 2020.
My family and I were having a toast in the garden when, after a couple of sips, I placed my goblet on a small ladder next to me. Just a moment later, without noticing that my glass was resting there, my father stepped back, accidentally bumping into the glass which shattered on the ground into a thousand pieces.

The reaction to this episode was that my mother screamed desperately, manifesting an irrepressible and primitive anger, far out of proportion to what happened.

Here, those screams must have definitively opened the extra-dimensional portal that had already been solicited when, in those days at the end of the year, I was beginning to write the “zero track” of an immature musical project and still without a name and destination.

In the end, the consequence of that event was that a little later, on that same December 25, I came up with the solution that transformed the zero track into Ixaltirud. Something new had come and the Dahrmonium, a language of pure glossolalia, was born.

In the following days I continued to write dragged by the power of that muse until I had a vision. It was revealed to me what those words were and what their meaning was. And this is what I saw.

Inside an open-air temple that lies on the slopes of an erupting volcano, groups of adepts gather to take part in the Rite.

The prophet conducts the ceremony to invoke the Dramanduhr, a god of a pantheon from another world who comes to invade the bodies of the followers, with the aim of extinguishing their rational minds, thus putting them in contact with their sacred part, madness.

He causes pure sexual energy and unexpressed violence to emerge from the unconscious, awakening the natural instincts of those who take part in the ritual.
According to the laws, in fact, the lack of expression of sex and violence is responsible for most of the psychological and physical ills of the human being.

Therefore, the adepts, coming into contact with the sacred, touch their deepest truth, going in search of their true self which, if found and identified, leads the subject to merge with the Toroid, that is, with the Absolute.

Therefore, Dramanduhr comes to put us in touch with our primordial being, the only way to align with the Universe.

This ritual called the “Rite of the Volcano” takes place on the slopes of an erupting volcano, as it symbolizes the natural and sacred human madness, liberating and devastating at the same time. The songs on this album are the liturgies of it.


Dramanduhr / Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drum, Percussions, Synths
Matteo Blundo / Viola on “Tàh Loh Rehn Kilt” and “Tramohr
Tiziana Ambrogio / Soprano on “Ixaltirud
Lorenzo Coriglione / Mix and Mastering

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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