[News] Drummer Mark Murdock releases new solo album “The Phoenix Has Risen” feat. Ron Howden of Nektar and Fernando Perdomo

Drummer Mark Murdock Releases New Solo Album “The Phoenix Has Risen” Feat. Ron Howden of Nektar and Fernando Perdomo

“Sounds strong!” – Steve Hackett

The Phoenix Has Risen” represents the work of drummer/songwriter Mark Murdock whose previous works included Cymbalic Encounters (With Brand X musicians) and Empire (Peter Banks of YES) and most recently The New EmpireSecond Lifetime” release on Forward Motion Records. Mark was also a guest on the YES 50th Anniversary tribute album by Dave Kerzner and Fernando Perdomo.

The Phoenix Has Risen” was composed and produced by Mark during the lockdown of 2020. Mark sites the Phoenix in the title as a symbol of hope in these pandemic times. Mark just happens to be from Phoenix, Arizona but now resides in Tokyo. The music leans more to the Prog side with hints of rock and pop embellished in it.

The 12 song CD features guest artists, not only including guitarist Fernando Perdomo, but veteran Prog drummer Ronald Howden of Nektar who guests on two songs, and bassist Alan Thomson, who played with John Martyn and currently the Martin Barre Band, U.K. vocalist Tim Pepper and Joe Berger lead guitar and more.

Mark not only composed all music and lyrics but all the keyboard tracks including orchestral sections.

Watch the promotional video: 

Mixed and Mastered by Mark Murdock and Joe Berger BEAM Audio NYC
Artwork by Synergy/Leon Alvarado

Currently available on all digital platforms. Physical release through Disk Union Japan. For International orders

01. The Phoenix Has Risen
02. Reoccurring Dreams
03. Heal My Wounded Soul
04. Compromised
05. Exit Door
06. The Starfish and the Four Phases of the Moon
07. When Thoughts Collide
08. Silence on Empty Streets
09. All Fools Fade Away
10. The Unknown Man
11. Set Your Heart On Fire
12. In The Future Of

Mark Murdock – drums, synthesizer, piano, orchestra horns, percussion and backing vocals
Tim Pepper – lead vocal *Courtesy of TheId
Daniel Kubota – guitar
Kenta Shimokuni – bass
Katsumi Yoneda – guitar on songs 2, 3 & 12 *Courtesy of French TV
Joe Berger – lead guitar on song 1
Preston Murdock – lead guitar on songs 4 & 7
David Rambeau – guitar on song 7 & acoustic guitar on song 8
Tatsuo Inoue – rhythm guitar on song 6
Rodolfo Falora – bass on songs 1, 6 & 9

Featured Artists:
Ronald Howden – drums on songs 2 & double drumming on song 9 *Courtesy of Nektar
Fernando Perdomo – guitar on songs 4, 6 & 9 *Courtesy of The Out To Sea Band
Alan Thomson – fretless bass on song 4 *Courtesy of The Martin Barres Band

All music and lyrics composed by Mark Murdock
*Song 7 was composed by Cary Bialac and Mark Murdock

Here’s what’s being said about “The Phoenix Has Risen”:

“While Mark Murdock may have seemed to venture beyond art-rock pastures he used to explore decades ago, prog remains a vital aspect of this EMPIRE and BRAND X associate, and even though there are collective projects the veteran was involved with lately, his individual style naturally led to a solo album, a record of a particularly personal stripe.” – DMME

“Symphonic Visual Music!” – Cary Bialac, producer/musician

“There are themes that could be Prog Soundtracks or Miniseries!” –

Anonymous musician in Tokyo

“Prog at its best! Mark Murdock’s new solo work, ‘The Phoenix Has Risen’ is most definitely carrying the innovative torch on this much missed genre of music” – Anonymous Prog Fan

Disk Union CD release date 12/23/2020

To order: https://diskunion.net/progre/ct/detail/1008229192?fbclid=IwAR0fRrmJYQTrJsq080Rfk2pUPgn7iVLm_6mAFzG8GnHAyJZ9pd73hdZzYyo

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