[News] Humans Etcetera unveil the official video for the track “Odd Zoom” feat. Kellii Scott, Gavin Cushman III

Wenzhou, China based Experimental Post-Rock project Humans Etcetera unveil the official video for the track “Odd Zoom” featuring Kellii Scott, Gavin Cushman III and taken from the compilation “NEF100: Burn After Hearing” out via Nefarious Industries. Watch the video through the YouTube palyer below:

Humans Etcetera‘s “Odd Zoom,” a collaboration with drummer Kellii Scott (Failure) and guitarist/vocalist Gavin Cushman III (Lavisher), appears exclusively on “NEF100: Burn After Hearing,” the Nefarious Industries compilation commemorating 100 catalog releases and featuring fourteen exclusive tracks that showcase the harrowing sonic landscape of the label’s eclectic roster.

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Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Christopher Henry reflects: “Although the riff’s been in my back pocket for about a decade, the lyrics delve into our present situation with tech/social media and how attention itself has become a kind of commodity. We all have to get our screen time under control before it’s too late. Gotta stop falling asleep with a rectangular backlight burned on my eyelids. On a lighter note, ‘Odd Zoom’ features two incredible guest musicians! Failure is one of my all time favorite bands and I can’t believe I got Kellii Scott drumming on this. Plus there’s the immensely talented Gavin Cushman of Lavisher handling the bass, lead guitar, and backing vocals!

Scott offers: “‘Odd Zoom’ is the perfect amount of imagination, forward momentum, and a clear and concise arrangement. It is unmistakably a fantastic song that will compel you to listen over and over because that is what fantastic songs do.

I was thrilled when Chris asked me if I’d be into collaborating on a track with him,” adds Cushman. “We’ve known each other for about ten years through various bands and have stayed long distance friends. Bass was the first instrument I learned and is still the most fun part of writing/tracking songs for me. When he said Kelli Scott from Failure would be providing drums I was even more stoked as I’m a longtime fan. It was a blast playing lead guitar and singing harmonies as well. Chris wrote us a seriously fun banger to play around with—enjoy!

NEF100: Burn After Hearing” features new and exclusive songs from El Drugstore, Arbogast, Nequient, Risk Relay, Gridfailure, The DRX, Zevious, Psychosomatic, Bedtimemagic, Gematria, Zvi, Fuck Your Birthday, Cinema Cinema, and Humans Etcetera. The compilation was marstered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves in Queens, NY, and the collage artwork was handled by Eric Nyffeler.

NEF100: Burn After Hearing” will see physical release on June 14th as a limited edition LP pressing on 12″ vinyl in black poly lined inner sleeve with full color insert (150 x Black, 150 x Black inside Transparent Red), an edition of 100 six-panel digipak CDs, and a run of 100 Smoke Tint cassette tapes. Preorders for all formats are now live at the Nefarious Industries shop.

Compilation Tracklist:
01. El Drugstore – Rural Ecstasy 04:27
02. The DRX – Diamond Maker 04:33
03. Arbogast – Purgative 02:56
04. Risk Relay – Intervention Undivine 04:04
05. Humans Etcetera featuring Kellii Scott, Gavin Cushman III – Odd Zoom 03:55
06. Psychosomatic – Green River 01:50
07. Zvi – Twocelled 03:27
08. Nequient – Kimota 05:01
09. Gematria – Black Gate No. 1 03:53
10. Bedtimemagic – The Slumber Party (Part I) 02:01
11. Gridfailure – Blades and Arson Instead 04:09
12. Fuck Your Birthday – House of 1000 Corners 04:47
13. Cinema Cinema – Nose-Level Collision 01:25
14. Zevious – Death Wind 03:57

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