[News] Italian Doomsters Dianadea released the track “brucia La Strega”

Brucia la Strega” is now on all digital platforms, the latest single from the shaman drum band Dianadea is a mini suite in 3 moments, based on the papal bull Ad Extirpanda, where the path of acceptance of torture begins to “defeat the heresies “.

Ad extirpanda de medio Populi Christiani haereticae pravitatis zizania …” “To eradicate the malign spread of heretical pravity from among the Christian people …

Stream the track on the Spotify player below:

The video of the song contains, as far as possible, the pain of the ‘damned‘ pagans.
Video editing Valeria Campagnale – Rockers And Other Animals®.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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