[News] Lolita Terrorist Sounds releases new single “Curse” on September full moon

Lolita Terrorist Sounds releases “Curse” on September 9th during the weekend of the full moon. “Curse” is a tribal ritualist song summoning upon planets, stars, and moons for rituals of prosperity and wealth.
The Berlin-based band releases a straightforward single based on primordial tribal drumming and unconventional metal percussions. The song seduces the listener in a sonic vortex of shamanic rhythms and magic spells. Get ready to light the best incense you have and play the new Lolita Terrorist Sounds single to the maximum volume during the next full moon. The lyrics “…money to me, prosperity, glory to me…” are conceived as modern voodoo, portraying with edgy humor the obsessive and compulsive habits of relying on money and materialistic values. The video clip of “Curse” was shot in Super8 on a warm summer night in South Italy and inspired by the Folk middle-age Arabic tales of “One thousand and one nights”.

Watch the video clip of “Curse” through the YouTube player below:

Lolita Terrorist Sounds is a Berlin-based avant-garde band founded by Maurizio Vitale. The name is a
provocative combination of Nabokov’s novel title “Lolita,” and adding the challenging perception of the word “Terrorist.” Both were generated using the W. Burroughs cut-up technique and adding to it the word “Sounds” to best describe the groundbreaking nature of the band’s compositions and erformances. Vitale’s past and present collaborations include work with members of acclaimed bands such as Einstürzende Neubauten, Swans, Iggy Pop, Thåström, PJ Harvey and Faust. His talent was at the service of the legendary Sabar percussionist Doudou N’Diaye Rose (SN), and he has played with German singer Andrea Schroeder both in the studio and live.In support of their previous release “Shaved Girl,” Lolita Terrorist Sounds has opened for the Swedish artist Anna von Hausswolff, done numerous live dates, and has played an exclusive acoustic show on the national German Radio Eins. “Shaved Girl” was released as a limited edition vinyl release on the cult label Psychofon Records (The Residents). Graphic novelist Reinhard Kleist (Nick Cave “Mercy on me”, David Bowie “Starman”) curated the special artwork of the album, and also took part in some of the live performances of the band as a special guest.

Curse” is available on all the digital platform from September 9th.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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