[News] MaMa Doom published the official video for the track “Indigo” taken from their latest album

New York based Occult Doomsters MaMa Doom published the official video for the track “Indigo” taken from their latest album “Ash Bone Skin N Stone” out on July 23, 2021 via Majestic Mountain Records. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

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Formed in Newburgh, New York in 2016, last year the trio become the first US band signed to the Swedish label, joining the ever-growing ranks of impressive acts like Grand Cadaver, Saint Karloff, and Electric Hydra. With the release of their exceptional 2018 debut “From Blue to Bone,” Mama Doom traded guitars in for keyboards and ethereal vocals, and in doing dug deep grooves into dominions below. Forming a perfect union with crushing bass and drums, their sound is at once familiar to fans of doom rock, but at the same time offers a strangely unfamiliar and unique tone, given its impressive component parts. Traversing a spectrum that spans traditional Blues, Doom, and ego-Death Metal, and fronted by the supremely gifted High Priestess, D. Lolli, make no mistake that Mama Doom are a serious force to be reckoned with.

Purchase the album on Bandcamp: https://mama-doom.bandcamp.com/album/ash-bone-skin-n-stone


1. Batshit Crazy 04:32
2. Vodka 03:23
3. Blood Moon 03:08
4. Indigo 02:32
5. Oh, Lucifer 03:31
6. Werewolf 02:26
7. Slither 02:56
8. Cherry 03:43


D. Lolli / Vocals, Keys
Chuckie Rumbles / Bass
Smak / Drums

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