[News] Miotic publish the video of the drum playthrough for the track “Qix “

Official Luminol Records Press Release:

Miotic – Qix (Drum Playthrough)

Maybe some of you will remember Qix, the videogame released in 1981 first in Arcade version and then for Amiga, Apple II, Atari, Commodore and Ms-Dos up to the Nintendo Game Boy. The title of the song that opens “CTRL + A” by Miotic derives from here. Watch the drum playthrough for the track “Qix” below:

Drummer Nicola Benetti tells us: “It was the first song composed after Antinomia and marks a milestone between one way of playing and another, the result of a period of research in which I wanted to become lighter, faster and more frenetic, getting away from the math-rock-core influences, approaching free jazz. Antinomia had left us unsatisfied. The tension within the group has always been aimed at the search for an elaborate and complex music, the songs were questioned several times and it was not easy to achieve the right balance between the various elements.
The term “antinomy” precisely describes a particular type of paradox that indicates the coexistence of two contradictory statements that can both be demonstrated or justified.
Nicola continues: “Qix was the escape valve to give life to something different: a new sonic identity. Davide (guitar) tried to play in a much more melodic and lean way of harmony, a lack that was filled by Andrea (bass) with bichords and effects less used in previous works. The rhythm section of the piece rests on this structure, finding space for articulated rhythms without losing violence and power of groove.

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