[News] Nick D’Virgilio published the video for “The Way Back Home” of the “one man band” series

Nick D’Virgilio published the video for “The Way Back Home” of the “one man band” series. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Nick says: “Here is another song on my series of “one man band” videos. I haven’t done one in a little while and with the release of Kevin Gilbert’s “Shaming Of The True” on vinyl I thought now is a great time to put out this video. I do these videos for fun, for your entertainment ( hopefully ), and for my own education. I rely only on my ears to learn the parts. I’m not trying to recreate songs note for note but I am trying to get as close as I can and see what I am capable of. It is the way I learned music as a kid and, along with formal education, I feel it is a great way to train you ears and your musical soul.

The reason for the Doumbek on the thumbnail picture is that it is the instrument I purchased to use on the Kevin Gilbert THUD tour back in 1995. We went out as a duo opening up for Jonatha Brooke along with going to a ton of radio stations for the promotion of “THUD.” I needed some kind of hand drum and I found this beautiful instrument at The Folk Music Center in Claremont California. A fantastic shop of all kinds of instruments. The thing that drew me to this particular drum was that it has a tambourine mounted just under the head and makes a killer sound! I didn’t give the drum much love over the past years so one day I pulled it back out, cleaned it, figured out a way to mount a tambourine in it again because the first one broke, put on a new head, and it sounds like it did back when I bought it! That got me thinking of taking a stab at recreating this song because it is the same drum I used on “The Shaming Of The True” record.

I hope you enjoy this video and make sure to check out https://kevingilbert.com/
They have done a great job keeping Kevin’s music alive. From the release of all his back material to putting out “The Shaming Of The True” on vinyl. It sounds truly incredible on wax! Grab a copy! Cheers!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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