[News] Playgrounded release “Rituals” live video, tour continues with The Ocean and LLNN

Electronic Progressive Post-Metal outfit Playgrounded are currently on tour with The Ocean and LLNN, and have just released a live video of the song “Rituals” taken from their latest album “The death of Death.” The album is out now via Pelagic Records.

You can watch the stunning video for “Rituals” Live, which displays the power of the band’s live performance:

Michael Kotsirakis (guitars) says this about the video:
Our first run of the UK and Ireland was an experience to cherish! Thank you all for the very warm welcome! This week marks the start of the EU part of the tour with The Ocean and LLNN and we want to continue sharing snippets of the live show we are bringing across Europe.

This is Rituals, taken from our performance at Athens’ iconic Fuzz venue from the presentation of ‘The death of Death’.
The recording captures the band in one of our most sentimental performances in our home city, after two years of concert absence.
We urge you to follow Playgrounded’s youtube channels because in the coming months we will be releasing more live tracks on it…

Greece has spawned countless instances of criminally underrated music acts in diverse genres ranging from black metal to electronic to avant garde pop music, and the sophomore album of modern progressive metal act Playgrounded titled “The death of Death” is yet another striking example.

Listen to “The death of Death” here: https://listen.pelagic-records.com/playgrounded

“Where did this come from?” you will find yourself wondering, while absorbing the stunning intensity and musical prowess on display. From the perfection of the production and the inherent innovation in defining heaviness by means of not only down-tuned guitars, but also elements of electronica are the pillars of an intriguingly idiosyncratic, incredibly mature sound.

Playgrounded’s sophomore album lives up to the aspiration of its lofty album title. “The death of Death” is music that results from mastery rather than lacklustre exploration and experimentation. The album was recorded at MD Recording Studios by Nikos Michalodimitrakis, long collaborator of Stavros in film productions. Mixing was handled by C.A.Cederberg (Leprous, Anathema, Shining, and more) in Kristiansand, NO, while the album was mastered by George Tanderø (Madrugada, Satyricon, Jaga Jazzist, and more) in Oslo, NO.

“The death of Death” is the title of Playgrounded’s new album released earlier this year via Pelagic Records. “The death of Death” is a study of unity in opposition, a disclosure of contradictory aspects of reality, an expression of their mutual relationship. For the occasion of sharing this first taste of the album with the world we worked closely with director Dimitris Anagnostou and director of photography Yannis Karabatsos, the duo that we came to know from the award-winning short film Mare Nostrum for which Stavros composed the score. The director’s idea about a “study of movement” materialized in early cinema techniques, inspired by Orestis’ dialectical lyrics concept which they eventually adapted into the clip’s script. Karabatsos’ sinister photography explores movement in contradictions… black and white, direction and diffusion, alienation and struggle, stillness and life.”– Michael Kotsirakis, Guitars

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