[News] Sonicbond Publishing to release the book “Fish On Track” by Graeme Scarf on May 2022

Fish On Track” charts the solo career of an artist who has never done what was expected of him.

As Fish‘s powerful 2020 album “Weltzmerchz” marked his farewell, this is a timely look at the man, the music, the career and the lyrics.

Fish’s split from Marillion in 1988 was as unexpected as it was eventful, and while the band sought to carry on with a new singer, Fish was out on his own with a point to prove.

After his initial solo success with Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirrors what followed was a series of albums that were uncompromising in their creativity.

Fish On Track

Pre-order the book here: https://burningshed.com/store/sonicbond/graeme-scarfe_fish-on-track_book

Graeme Scarfe was born in the 1960s, educated in the comprehensive system in the 1970s and 1980s and graduated from Bournemouth University in the 1990s. At various times he has worked as a music journalist, sound recordist, stand-up comedian and film lecturer. He has written the screenplay for British Horror film Lighthouse and has written Peter Gabriel On Track, also for Sonicbond as well as the comedy novel Seagulls on Speed. He also listens to an awful lot of music and attempts to play the guitar. A member of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, he is married with two children. He lives in Sussex, UK.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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