[News] USA Progressive Rock three-piece Source return with new single “False Prophet”

Colorado USA Progressive Rock three-piece Source return with new single “False Prophet” and have announced the release of their third album “Ethereal Self” on May 25, 2021. Watch the official video below:

Vocalist / guitarist Ben Gleason comments on the single: “‘False Prophet’ is about rejecting fear-based conditioning which has been forced on all of us since birth. Whether it comes from the media, the government, religion or other institutions, fear has been used for over a millennia to keep us at war with ourselves and each other. This song is about choosing to transcend the influence of institutionalized fear.”

On the new album “Ethereal Self,” he continues: “This album is about forming unity between our physical and cosmic, or ethereal selves. It is an exploration of mind and matter inviting all who listen to search for a deeper sense of truth in their lives. We recorded, engineered, mixed and produced this album entirely ourselves in our studio on a mountain in Colorado, 8500 feet above sea level. We believe the magic of the surroundings is captured in the recordings and we hope you feel it too.”

Pre-order “Ethereal Self” here: http://www.listentosource.com/store/sigil-sticker-xj6tn-38sfl-76bmk-fydrx-jahls

Formed in 2013 in Boulder Colorado, Source createconsciousness-based music through the exploration of flotation tanks, philosophy, meditation, yoga, and other embodiment and mindfulness practices. Their music is an expression of the sensations experienced on this planet, the profoundness of the human experience and the beauty of all that is.

Entwining intelligent composition with melody at the core, you can hear a wide range of influences including Tool, Opeth and Chevelle.

Their debut album “Return To Nothing” was released in September 2016 on Pavement Entertainment and received a hugely positive response from music fans and press. Accolades included being named Metal Nexus’ #1 best album of 2016 and heavy Music HQ’s #9 best Progressive Metal album of 2016, and their video for single “Memories of Yesterday” was supported by Axs TV, promo only, club com network and many more.

The success of the record earned them opening slots on tours with Hellyeah, In Flames, From Ashes to New and TrapT, firmly establishing them in the US rock scene. 2019 saw the band release their stunning second album “Totality,” which achieved top reviews with Angry Metal Guy claiming “we could be witnessing the birth of the next great progressive metal band”.

Benjamin Gleason – Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards
Justin Mirarck – Drums
Jake Demarco – Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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