[News] Zappa Trust to release mid-70s live sets on a 6 discs boxset out on June 03, 2022

Zappa Trust, Ahmet Zappa and Vaultmeister Joe Travers have gathered together a trio of Frank Zappa‘s live shows from the mid-70s in a new box set. Zappa/Erie is out via June 3, 2022 via Zappa Records/UMe and includes more than seven hours of previously unreleased performances from three different line-ups.

The three complete Zappa shows included are: Edinboro State College in May 1974 (celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Mothers), his concert at Gannon Auditorium at Gannon University that same November, and his last Erie show in November 1976 at the Erie County Fieldhouse. Bonus tracks are taken from performances in South Bend, Toledo and Montreal around the same time.

Says Travers of the 71-track project: “When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, I found myself, like so many others, with a lot of extra time on my hands. Because of this, I threw myself even more deeply into archiving the fabulous vault of Mr. Frank Zappa. During this time, it dawned on me that in all my years being the Vaultmeister for Zappa, I had never prioritised documenting the concerts FZ played in my hometown of Erie, Pa.

Fans can pre-order an exclusive edition of the box set with an illustrated Fantoons poster. A version of the set without the poster will be available to pre-order on April 22 here: https://store.zappa.com/collections/box-sets/products/zappa-erie-limited-edition-6cd-box-set

Three complete shows from the Vault based on appearances made in and around the Vaultmeister’s hometown of Erie, PA: Edinboro College and Gannon University ’74 with Erie County Fieldhouse ’76. Also includes bonus tracks from the same tours. Three separate band line-ups, newly mixed from the original 4-Track tapes by Craig Parker Adams and mastered by John Polito at Audio Mechanics. Historical essays by Dan Schell & Joe Travers. Available on 6CD Box Set with exclusive poster.


Disc 1

  1. “Someone Has Just Asked Me…”
  2. Cosmik Debris
  3. Pygmy Twylyte
  4. The Idiot Bastard Son
  5. Cheepnis
  6. Inca Roads
  7. Montana
  8. Dupree’s Paradise (Intro)

Disc 2

  1. Dupree’s Paradise
  2. It Can’t Happen Here
  3. Hungry Freaks, Daddy
  4. You’re Probably Wondering Why I’m Here
  5. How Could I Be Such A Fool
  6. I Ain’t Got No Heart
  7. I’m Not Satisfied
  8. Wowie Zowie
  9. Let’s Make The Water Turn Black
  10. Harry, You’re A Beast
  11. The Orange County Lumber Truck
  12. Oh No
  13. Son Of Orange County
  14. More Trouble Every Day
  15. Camarillo Brillo

Disc 3

  1. Montana
  2. Get Down
  3. Tush Tush Tush (A Token Of My Extreme)
  4. Stink-Foot
  5. RDZNL
  6. Village Of The Sun
  7. Echindna’s Arf (Of You)
  8. Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?
  9. Penguin In Bondage
  10. T’Mershi Duween
  11. The Dog Breath Variations
  12. Uncle Meat
  13. Building A Girl
  14. Dinah-Moe Humm

Disc 4

  1. I’m Not Satisfied
  2. Montana
  3. Dupree’s Paradise (Intro)
  4. Dupree’s Paradise
  5. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow
  6. Tush Tush Tush (End Vamp)
  7. Oh No
  8. Son Of Orange County
  9. More Trouble Every Day

Disc 5

  1. The Purple Lagoon
  2. Stink-Foot
  3. The Poodle Lecture
  4. Dirty Love
  5. Wind Up Workin’ In A Gas Station
  6. Tryin’ To Grow A Chin
  7. The Torture Never Stops
  8. City Of Tiny Lites
  9. Pound For A Brown
  10. You Didn’t Try To Call Me
  11. Rudy Wants To Buy Yez A Drink
  12. Would You Go All The Way?

Disc 6

  1. Black Napkins
  2. Terry’s Erie ’76 Solo
  3. Patrick’s Erie ’76 Solo
  4. Wonderful Wino
  5. The Purple Lagoon (Outro)
  6. Stranded In The Jungle
  7. Dinah-Moe Humm
  8. The Purple Lagoon (Outro)
  9. Camarillo Brillo
  10. Muffin Man
  11. The Purple Lagoon (Outro)
  12. You Didn’t Try To Call Me
  13. Black Napkins
  14. The Purple Lagoon (Outro)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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