[Review] Alfa Serenar – Cobra Sofia E Outras Lendas Amazônicas

Alfa Serenar is a project by Brazilian poly-instrumentalist Rafael Senra who offers Progressive Rock and has released 3 albums. The new full-length “Cobra Sofia E Outras Lendas Amazônicas” features some Amazonian legends in music, released on January 9, 2022 via Progshine Records. It contains 4 tracks ranging from over 4 to 20 minutes in which Forlan Gomes participates in the drum in two tracks. The album opens with “Cobra Sofia” which starts with the sounds of the forest and a delicate guitar arpeggio creating a soothing atmosphere. The vocal is warm and expressive in Brazilian, adapting well to the song, constantly changing between tempo changes that blend different styles and genres. The first change takes us into Prog sounds mixed with the more traditional ones of South America, between positive melodies, rhythmic and engaging drumming. Between accelerated and more symphonic sections, the track offers the Brazilian sound of Prog, delicate and enriched by the background of orchestrations on the keyboards. The instrumental sections are interesting and varied where all the artist shows a good technique in all instruments, keyboards and guitar above all, also offering solos of fine workmanship. It is the longest track on the album, occupying almost half of the entire duration and is the main one for this record. Follows “Uirapuru” is an intertwining of guitar arpeggios and an orchestral background of keyboards, on which a sweet vocal is inserted. With more traditional Brazilian influences mingling with more delicate features of Prog, it is a dreamy passage with a strong-impact lyric that continues in the narrative of legends. “Mapinguari” has more Ambient than Prog traits, with the addition of the sampled drum and keyboard orchestrations that stratify and dominate the melodies. With forays into New Age and slow rhythm, in the second part a long guitar solo guides us to the finale, with a dark and melancholy touch. The album ends with “Cerimônia” where we find the guest at the drum, and a more Progressive sound. Good mixes of guitar and keyboard and deep and load-bearing bass lines, with a vocal of reminiscent of the Brazilian Rock groups of the ’70s. A track that reflects the Brazilian style of Prog, with Symphonic traits and softer passages, and a touch of traditional music. A pleasant listening, flowing from start to finish, which has its strong point in the epic opening track, best expressing the artist’s musical concept. A listen for all lovers of the Symphonic sounds of Prog, with marked references to the Brazilian groups of the 70s. The lyrics that allow us to listen to traditional Amazonian legends in music are very interesting and engaging.


1. Cobra Sofia (20:35)
2. Uirapuru (04:55)
3. Mapinguari (05:37)
4. Cerimônia (08:18)


Rafael Senra / Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Forlan Gomes
/ Drums (1, 4)

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Progshine Records |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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