[Review] Project Nayuta – Sazaki Orite Hikari Afure

Project Nayuta is a Japanese Progressive Rock band that offers long-lasting tracks with long instrumental sections and very intense female vocal parts. The second and new album “Sazaki Orite Hikari Afure” was released on December 05, 2022 and contains 4 tracks including a suite of over 17 minutes. The album opens with “Plastic Night” which begins with a pompous synth sound and a solid rhythm session with a supporting bass line. The guitar works well and gives a more Heavy touch to the sound, while the vocal has the classic Japanese imprinting and gives that characteristic touch of the band. Enriched by tempo changes, the track develops long instrumental sections where guitar and synth duet in solos, enhancing the technique of the artists involved. The following “Star to Blaster” opens with ambient headboards, which introduce us to a solid Prog track with a killer bassline on which the vocals stand out. The atmosphere is sometimes darker and then develops with Symphonic openings and intertwining between guitar and keyboards with continuous markedly Progressive tempo changes. In the central part there is a long instrumental section with electronic sounds that blend with the more classic ones of the genre, highlighting the valuable personal traits and technique of the band. A track that ranges touching all the borders of Prog music, closing with the last vocal parts and an orchestral background. The longest track on the album “さ ざ き お り て ひ か り あ ふ れ” is an epic that goes over 17 minutes and starts with synth plots that introduce us to an intense vocal part. A succession of tempo changes, elaborate plots with a valuable alternation of vocal parts and well composed and performed instrumental sections that give life to the cornerstone of the disc. The entire playing time of the track is a succession of emotions that takes us into the quality Prog music proposed by the band, leaving us with excellent sensations. The album closes with the short “Sazaki176” of only 47 seconds, a Heavy Prog virtuosity with frenetic rhythms and melodies. This band offers high-level Progressive Rock that mixes the classic traits of the genre with an energetic and intense Japanese singing. The keyboard textures are excellent, the rhythm session is enriched by the tempo changes and the guitar offers solo parts and melodies of fine workmanship. There are all the elements that a listener expects when he approaches to listen to a record like this. A listening recommended for all lovers of Progressive Rock sounds, with long tracks and the right dose of vocal and instrumental parts that enhance the technique of the band’s musicians, a refined album.


01. Plastic Night (7:12)
02. Star to Blaster (11:40)
03. さざきおりてひかりあふれ (17:22)
04. Sazaki176 (0:48)


Mika Tsukimoto / Vocals
Junko Sera / Vocals
Takashi Wada / Guitars
Madoka Tsukada (Providence) / Keyboards, Synthesizers
Yosuke Tara / Bass
Masahiko Noguchi / Drums & Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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