[Review] Bruno Karnel – Las Illusiones

Bruno Karnel is a Nomadic Rock artist from France, an artist who proposes in a modern key music halfway between traditional and songwriting-style Rock. His latest album “Las Illusiones” was released on September 16, 2021 and contains 14 tracks including 2 bonus tracks. The reason why I decided to propose this review is that his music at times offers ideas of Folk Rock inspired by Prog and with instrumentation used in Prog Folk and in traditional music in a modern key. The set of tracks is pleasant and ranges from more dreamy moments to more classical folkloristic moments with a marked presence of good quality French songwriters. An album recommended for lovers of traditional sounds, but the modern vision of the artist is the keystone that makes it special and with personal traits, not the usual Folk Rock album. The copositions are full of symphonies and positive melodies and the games of voices an added value, as well as the large amount of references to the past with traditional instruments. Overall a very pleasant listening from beginning to end that enhances the compositional skills of the artist, skilled in transposing us into a fantastic rhyming created by the melodies themselves. The instruments used range from those of the Prog to the traditional ones, skilfully mixed to create something original. The ideas are many and well developed and executed, always with delicacy and with a softness that cradles you from start to finish. Lovers of softer sounds and even a little different from the Progressive Rock that we sponsor in our webzine will be pleasantly surprised. An album for those looking for something different from the classic sounds of Rock and Prog Folk, but which after several listenings will be appreciated by a very large audience I’m sure. Congratulations to the artist for both compositional and executive precision and for the dreamy atmospheres created in both music and vocals.


01. Osijek 03:38
02. Vlak ! 03:22
03. Nébuleux software 03:36
04. Rebooting clouds 03:13
05. Víctor, victorieux 03:22
06. Medialuna 04:25
07. Fernweh 03:03
08. Chant de Nezahualcóyotl 04:26
09. Nuevo Eden 07:38
10. Calopsittes 03:22
11. Matamore 03:33
12. La noche se achaplina 04:12
13. Calopsittes (acoustic version – bonus track) 03:06
14. Icnocuicatl (Lila Downs cover – bonus track) 03:52


Words & music by Bruno Karnel, except “Chant de Nezahualcóyotl” (Words by Nezahualcóyotl Acolmiztli 1402-1472, Public Domain) and “Icnocuicatl” (Words by Natalio Hernández, music by Paul Cohen/Lila Downs, used by permission).

Guest musicians:

Ricardo Da Silva: guitar on “Osijek
Antonin Smirr (courtesy of Lytalk): bass guitar on “Medialuna” and “La noche se achaplina
Sonia: vocals on “Osijek“, “Rebooting clouds,” “Víctor, victorieux,” “Medialuna,” “Fernweh,” “Nuevo Eden” and “Icnocuicatl.”
Lucky & Nino: cockatiel parakeets.

Sample on “Nuevo Eden” intro courtesy of Reinsamba.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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