[Review] The Aristocrats – FREEZE! Live In Europe 2020

The Aristocrats are a supergroup that starting from Progressive Rock mixes multiple genres and styles giving life to a unique and particular sound. Shortly before the restrictions due to the Covid pandemic, during the tour the band recorded the album “FREEZE! Live In Europe 2020.” Featuring 6 long-running tracks, the album was released on May 7, 2021 via BOING! Music highlights the trio technique, blending many genres perfectly. The album opens with “D Grade Fuck Movie Jam” is a track taken from the last album of the band, where all the technique and power of the band are felt right away. Intricate rhythms and very elaborate melodic intertwining with virtuoso solos of the highest level, also showing the mutual knowledge of the musicians involved. They manage to be sophisticated but at the same time accessible, this song is of great impact and is a perfect start for a live, where all the artists collaborate in a valuable jam. “Spanish Eddie” is another track taken from the last album, as the title suggests the Spanish influences are felt and positively contaminate the sound. Particular and personal the combination of Flamenco and Rock proposed here, with the usual intricate phrasing made accessible by the band that makes even the impossible simple. “When We All Come Together” very rhythmic and with Western hues, it shows one of the almost infinite facets of the band’s sound, offering noteworthy duets between bass and guitar. They catapult us to the era of the Cowboys making the concert festive and toning down in the midst of so many technicalities. The second part of the song turns back to be more technical and complicated, but very pleasant with high-level inserts and a pleasant return to the west in the finale. From the softer beginning “The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde” shows another side of the band’s sound with more dilated sounds, and then increases in intensity as the song flows. The guitar is a great protagonist with intense solos rich in virtuosity, well supported by the rhythmic session full of tempo changes. Dedicated to drum master Neil Peart “Get It Like That” is the longest track of the live, which begins with rapid, very technical and intricate melodies. A long technique lesson, in which of course the master Neil is honored with a prolonged drum solo, where Marco shows virtuosity and high-level ideas. The audience appreciates and in the background you can hear the band cheering, a really good track to listen to and listen to again. Closes the live “Last Orders” is a soft track with delicate melodies in the first part, creating a soothing and intimate atmosphere. In the second part the tempo changes are an added value and the Jazz tints that permeate the song bring the sound to a very high level, an excellent ending. Music lovers cannot fail to appreciate concerts like this one, a true concentration of individual technique at the service of the band’s sound. An excellent performance that shows once again how these three masters of their respective instruments are among the best artists in circulation, demonstrating it at every record release. Those who love Rock music with many different influences and styles will appreciate this live record full of positive ideas, virtuosity and a lot of technique.


1. D Grade Fuck Movie Jam (Live) 06:58
2. Spanish Eddie (Live) 08:57
3. When We All Come Together (Live) 06:36
4. The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde (Live) 07:46
5. Get It Like That (Live) (Dedicated To Neil Peart) 18:54
6. Last Orders (Live) 10:50


Guthrie Govan / Guitar
Bryan Beller / Bass
Marco Minnemann / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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