[Review] Bruselas – Reloj De Arena

Bruselas is a Progressive Rock band from Mexico, formed in 2015 and composed of 3 elements on the music scene for over 15 years. The sound of the band is influenced by the 1970s Symphonic Prog bands such as King Crimson, Yes, well mixed with those of more recent groups such as Neal Morse Band and the harder Opeth. Their debut is an EP titled “Reloj De Arena” released on May 15, 2020 for Weekend Warriors Records and containing 6 medium-long length tracks. The opener and title track “Reloj De Arena” begins with a layer of spatial keyboards on which the electric guitar is inserted and a solid rhythm session with killer bass lines and a constantly evolving drum. The melodies are characterized by the intertwining of several keyboards with the guitar, while the structure of the song is full of excellent tempo changes, showing both the compositional and executive techniques of the band. After a first instrumental part, the vocal in Spanish enters halfway, less incisive than the music which instead acquires intensity with the passing of the minutes. After the last two verses sung, the piece closes, a good introductory piece with the right combination of instrumental sections and sung parts. “Toque De Queda” is characterized by intertwining between electric guitar and keyboards, among which the synth stands out, a rhythmic session typical of the Neo Prog of the first era, rich in tempo changes and well structured. Symphonic openings alternate with other more electric ones with the guitar in evidence, with alternating accelerations and moments of calm where the layers of keyboards become more elaborate. The second part begins with a sweet arpeggio on the piano on which a melancholic guitar melody is inserted that accompany us until the end of this pleasant instrumental piece. A piano arpeggio and an edgy electric guitar and “Excepticism” begins, the vocal thus enters with more melodic verses closer to the ‘song’ than to the Prog. In the instrumental parts the plots are developed by developing the musical theme of the piece with phrasing at times intricate, with positive keyboard melodies and a guitar that always enters in a punctual and precise way. “Espìritu Guia” begins with an acoustic guitar arpeggio that takes us to the middle of this short piece, when percussion, flute and violin enter. An acoustic track that dampens the tones giving us 2:14 min. pleasant with positive melodies. “Reflejos” is instead a more aggressive track with powerful guitar riffs and massive layers of keyboards, closer to Heavy Prog in style. Influenced by early 1970s bands like Atomic Rooster and Uriah Heep, with a power duet between organ and guitar, then becoming softer in the vocal parts. The rhythmic session is always solid and dictates the timing well in both rhythm and changes, offering convincing evidence. In the central part, guitar and keyboards alternate in solos and duet at their best, offering quality ideas for one of the best songs on the album. Closes this EP “Percepción,”the longest track with over 8 minutes, which begins with hypnotic melodies of guitar and keyboards intertwining and a deep and supporting bass. After this introduction, a change that increases the intensity of the piece, transforming it into a powerful Heavy Prog theme on which the singing with the effected vocal is inserted. Dizzying acceleration with double pedal that flow into Prog Metal, while in the central instrumental section it becomes more delicate with guitar and keyboards that interchange in solos, returning to a more Rock terrain. The second closes the song and album with an atmospheric and falling ending. A good debut for the Mexican band offering a long lasting EP, over 35 minutes of music, showing a good compositional and executive technique. Full of ideas with a clear Progressive stamp, with quality tempo changes, a solid rhythmic session with the drum always well elaborated and supporting bass lines. The melodic intertwining between guitar and keyboards bring the sound to a high level, with in my humble opinion the vocal is not always incisive. An album recommended to all lovers of modern Prog music, with personal distinctive features, showing a mature sound, giving life to a pleasant and flowing album with quality ideas.


  1. Reloj de arena
  2. Toque de queda
  3. Escepticismo
  4. Espíritu guía
  5. Reflejos
  6. Percepción


Ulysses Flores / Vocals and Keyboards
Sergio Ruiz / Guitars, Bass and Chorus
Daniel Navarro / Drums, Acoustic Guitarand Percussions

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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