[Review] Fernie Canto – The Ambassador’s Visit, Part 2

Fernie Canto is a Brazilian composer and polistrumnetist who with his one man project proposes modern Progressive sounds. “The Ambassador’s Visit, Part 2” was released on January 27, 2022 and is the second and final part of the concept “The Ambassador’s Visit” which began with the previous one in 2020. Entirely instrumental, composed and performed by the artist who plays all instruments , returning to the sounds that have distinguished his sound and career. The concept opens with “Chapter 3: Rain and Cakes (or The Wade House Milonga)” and the dreamy notes of the piano intertwined with the guitar and the flute. With soft and symphonic features, it gently introduces us to listening to this work. Connecting to the melodies of the previous “Edinburgh (or A Stroll in the Big City)” it develops again with the flute taking center stage. The rhythmic session is characterized by the programming, its sound is in my opinion a bit cold, while the positive melodies intertwine keyboards and flute with an extended solo for almost the entire song. The third track “Interlude: The Circle Song” is an interlude with classical features and a Baroque touch, with the piano and the winds duet. The longest track of the album “Fun and Games (or Super Fights and Drunken Adventurers)” exceeds 14 minutes and is characterized by a first part with more experimental features. The track evolves by increasing the intensity and mixing Prog and experimentation with a solid sound and alternating keyboard and guitar solos, and then concluding with a softer and more avant-garde section. The fifth track “Interlude: The “Honeybee” Variations” is another interlude featuring dreamy piano melodies that gently lead us to the next. “Dalwhinnie (or Whiskey and Chocolate)” opens with a darker atmosphere on the piano, while the rhythm session is pressing and the track is characterized by continuous changes in intensity. The piano is at the center of the scene for the whole piece that closes gently in calando. The piano notes connect and open the following “Aberfeldy (or A Stroll in the Small Town)” which after an initial introductory part inserts delicate flute melodies. The first part is mainly acoustic and without druymming, and then increases the intensity with the entry of a linear rhythmic session and develops with dreamy flute melodies. “Chapter 4: The Last Sunrise” is a short 2:43 passage with piano and orchestral background. “First Farewell” is another passage with piano and orchestrations with melancholic features and permeated with symphonic sounds. Tracing in the first part the sounds of the two previous tracks “… is this really happening?” sees the piano at the center of the scene crenado a soft and dreamy atmosphere. Wind inserts and the guitar are added and the piece flows pleasantly and delicately. “Final Farewell” is a short-lived passage with the piano, an orchestral background and horns guiding the melodies, creating a dark and melancholy atmosphere. An intertwining of piano and keyboards characterizes the minute of duration of “The Takeoff” guiding us to the next. “Overflowing Heart” which opens with a pompous sound and orchestrations that give an orchestral touch to the sound. After a powerful first part, in the second the sonorities expand and close in calando. The album ends with the shorter track “Epilogue: A Promise” with a short flute insert. An album with symphonic and dreamy sounds, mainly acoustic except for some songs with a rhythmic session to the programming quite minimal. Overall pleasant and with some interesting ideas, considering that the artist has dealt with both the composition and the execution with all the instruments. Entirely instrumental and with some more intense passages and others more dispersive, it is a pleasant listening for lovers of the Symphonic sounds of Prog, with extensive use of keyboards and flute.

S5 E1: Send the OFFICER down. Chica...


1. Chapter 3: Rain and Cakes (or The Wade House Milonga) (05:07)
2. Edinburgh (or A Stroll in the Big City) (10:01)
3. Interlude: The Circle Song (02:55)
4. Fun and Games (or Super Fights and Drunken Adventurers) (14:22)
5. Interlude: The “Honeybee” Variations (03:43)
6. Dalwhinnie (or Whisky and Chocolate) (09:21)
7. Aberfeldy (or A Stroll in the Small Town) (09:00)
8. Chapter 4: The Last Sunrise (02:43)
9. First Farewell (04:13)
10. … is this really happening? (05:34)
11. Final Farewell (02:16)
12. The Takeoff (01:07)
13. Overflowing Heart (04:00)
14. Epilogue: A Promise (00:47)


Fernie Canto / Composition, Arrangement, Production, Cover Drawing, Keyboard, Flute, Soprano Recorder, Jaw Harp, Kazoo, Synth Programming.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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