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Flying Caravan are a band originally from Portland, USA that offers a blend of Folk Rock, Jazz and Progressive sounds. An EP in 2017 and on January 01, 2023 they released their self-titled debut album containing 12 tracks. The first thing that stands out is the elaborate structure of the tracks, which are always engaging and have positive melodies, as well as the large number of instruments used by the band. The interweaving of Folk, Rock and Progressive music with forays into Jazz is very successful, with extensive use of percussion and traditional instruments that make the band’s sound original. It is difficult to categorise the band in a precise genre, as the album contains a large number of influences that are skilfully blended thanks to their original style. Modern and fresh, the album features a varied tracklist that pleasantly ranges from softer tracks to more energetic ones, where the tempo changes and the structure of the tracks is always very elaborate and complex, but still accessible to the listener. The vocals are an added value to the band’s sound, with a distinctive and very dynamic timbre that interprets the tracks with intensity. Tempo changes, experimentation and Folk traits mingle to create a sound that brings a breath of fresh air to the modern music scene. Recommended listening for lovers of Folk Rock sounds mixed with Prog and with a good dose of Jazzy inserts, especially from the trumpets. It will be interesting to hear the band live, this type of sound, in my opinion, lends itself to very engaging live performances.


01. Heed The Call (And Fly) (02:51)
02. Casting Spells (05:43)
03. Wind River (03:42)
04. Lace Waltz (04:48)
05. Fondly Now Remember (03:54)
06. Grandma Butterfly / Бабушка Бабочка (06:11)
07. Lunattic (03:21)
08. Soft Moss (07:38)
09. Cosmic Channeling (04:31)
10. Heron Listen (05:01)
11. End Of The Day (05:28)
12. Stargazing (11:18)


Azzy Natty Isabell / Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele
Kevin Stevenson Fiske / Drums, Percussion
Troll Hart / Piano, Recorder
Misha Kuznetsov / Trumpet, Flute, Recorder
Severen Menashe-Strom / Cello

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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