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jeffk is a German Instrumental Post-Rock band with heavy influences, whose 2018 debut album garnered positive reviews. The second and new album “TAR” was released on January 20, 2023 via Golden Antenna Records and distributed by Broken Silence contains 6 tracks. The opening track “Fingers” is also the longest in duration, and immediately immerses us in the band’s musical atmosphere. Heavy guitar riffs, a solid rhythm section that is enriched by tempo changes and elaborate drumming, and deep, load-bearing bass lines. The guitars layer and evolve, alternating hypnotic and repeated melodies with heavy riff openings that take the sound into Post-Metal territory. Synths intertwine with the fine guitar work, while the intensity increases as the minutes go by, evolving and elaborating on the track’s central theme. A hypnotic guitar and solid, groove-laden drumming open “Arcades,” which evolves with a full-bodied bass line and guitar layering. An elaborate thrash that increases in intensity as the minutes go by, transforming with darker atmospheres u sonorities in the second half. Atmospheric traits mix with hard riffs with a fine elaboration of the track’s central theme. “Ratio” opens with softer, more dilated sounds, with a driving bass line and granitic drumming. As in the previous tracks, it develops with a musical crescendo, while the guitar layers weave arpeggios and melodies full of ideas, enhancing the band’s compositional and performing technique. An introductory first part with a slow-moving rhythm and intertwining guitar melodies enveloping the listener characterises “Idle Eyes.” As the song progresses, the sounds become heavier, with refined interludes that alternate between more energetic and more atmospheric passages. Granitic and powerful “Lake Bled” shows the heavier side of the band’s sound in the first part, with intricate drumming enriched by continuous tempo changes. The guitar work is at the centre of the sound, with riffs, layering and solo inserts accompanying us from start to finish. The album ends with “Swarm,” a track that encapsulates all the band’s musical concepts, with a more atmospheric and dilated first part. The intensity increases as the minutes go by, developing the central theme by alternating passages with heavy guitars and a granitic rhythm section with others that are more enveloping and with Pychedelic traits. A band that confirms and consolidates the good things heard on the debut album, offering Post-Rock with forays into the more heavy sounds with personal traits. A fresh, modern and original sound, with guitars at the centre of the project, with layers and interweaves of fine workmanship. The rhythm sections are elaborate and solid, giving body to the tracks and enriched by tempo changes and intricate passages. A recommended listen for lovers of modern Post-Rock sounds, a band that confirms the good things heard previously.


01. Fingers (08:37)
02. Arcades (06:33)
03. Ratio (05:41)
04. Idle Eyes (08:19)
05. Lake Bled (07:30)
06. Swarm (07:52)


Steffen Ziemann / Drums
Tim Diedrich / Bass, Synthsizers
Matthias Poese / Guitar, Synthesizers

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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