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Il Balletto di Bronzo are one of the historic bands of Italian Progressive Rock music, appreciated worldwide by fans and collectors. After 50 years they are back with their new album “Lemures” released on April 30, 2023 via Black Widow Records and containing 9 tracks. The opener “Incubo E Succubo” is the shortest in duration, featuring an effects-enriched keyboard intro. The rhythm section is granitic and adds power to the song, developed with keyboard interlacing that immediately immerses us in the album’s prog atmosphere. After the instrumental and experimental-sounding intro, “Oceani Sconosciuti” continues on dark atmospheres and fine keyboard work. The technique of Gianni Leone, a long-standing member of the band, explores keyboard sounds between classical and modern, adding an electronic touch to the sound. Between Prog and Experimental, with a rhythm section enriched with tempo changes, the track enhances the band’s compositional and performing technique. The vocals are very intense and expressive, interpreting the lyrics with pathos. In the second part, an instrumental section offers valuable keyboard phrasing over a solid and elaborate rhythm section. “L’ Emofago” is an energetic heavy prog track with powerful drumming, deep bass lines and pompous keyboard work. The vocals are dynamic and powerful, while the structure is enriched with continuous tempo changes, alternating between sung parts and beautifully crafted instrumentals. The atmospheres are dark, while the song is enriched by keyboard inserts that enhance all of Gianni‘s technique, supported by a rhythm section of absolute level. A synth intro with electronic traits and enriched by effects opens “Napoli Sotterranea” with virtuosity. The vocal enters, reminiscent of the band’s classical style, while with the entry of all instruments they develop an intricate Prog song. A killer bassline and an accelerated and very technical drumming allow a change that gives way to a refined and virtuosic instrumental section. Between keyboard solo inserts, choral vocals and continuous tempo changes, it shows the more technical and intricate side of the band’s sound. A dark, deep synth opens “L’ Ombra Degli Dei” over which a warm, expressive vocal is inserted. The lyrics as well as the music add a sombre touch to the sound, with a masterful vocal interpretation, a percussive drumming and a deep, driving bassline entering. In the instrumental section, tempo changes enrich the sound, with virtuoso fills on the drums, sophisticated bass lines and interweaving keyboards in Dark Prog style. The intensity increases as the song progresses, offering solo keyboard inserts that combine the traditional with the modern, with a performance by the trio of absolute level. A musical crescendo that accompanies us to the finale, utilising the full range of sounds available to the band. The longest track on the album, “Labyrinthus,” which runs to almost nine minutes, opens with an electronic rhythm. A bombastic synth creates layered melodies, and the track increases in intensity as the minutes go by, evolving the central theme with fine vocal duets. The song’s structure is complex and at the same time engaging, using the entire duration to envelop the listener and take him on a journey into the most refined Prog sounds. Incursions into experimentation, another killer bassline and elaborate drumming guide us along this journey full of high quality ideas and cues. “Certezze Fragili” features a long intro with a warm and intense vocal over a background of keyboards with hypnotic melodies. With a change the track opens up, evolving a delicate sound over which the vocal stands out, the lyrics are full of meaning. In a continuous musical crescendo that flows into an intricate instrumental section that enhances the band’s more technical and virtuoso side combined with powerful tempo changes. The vocal returns for the last stanzas and the song ends with a melodic and intricate mix at the same time, very original. A powerful drum intro opens “Deliquio Viola,” returning to darker atmospheres as in the previous tracks. The vocals are very dynamic and expressive, counterbalancing the darker sound with another masterful interpretation of the lyrics. In the middle section, the prog is enriched with an experimental touch, exploring the most extreme boundaries of the genre. With a change, the band returns to more classical sounds, with a heavy touch and excellent keyboard work, played and modulated to perfection. The album ends with “Il Vento Poi” characterised by a first part with an enveloping, soft and elaborate sound at the same time. The vocals are warm and expressive and the tempo changes are an added bonus, allowing them to move from intense verses to beautifully crafted instrumental sections. After this alternation of vocals and instrumentals, the track ends with more atmospheric keyboard work, modulated with the addition of effects. When listening to bands like this, expectations are always very high, and in this case they were met to the fullest. An album that brings the YS-style sounds into a fresh and modern context, with technical passages, very intense vocal parts and instrumental ections of absolute value. An intense tracklist from start to finish, full of top-notch ideas in pure Progressive style. An absolute masterpiece, which shows how Italian Prog still has a lot to say, this band confirms itself as one of the best in activity. Congratulations also to our friends at Black Widow Records, always very careful in highlighting masterpieces like this.


01. Incubo E Succubo (3:54)
02. Oceani Sconosciuti (4:22)
03. L’ Emofago (4:29)
04. Napoli Sotterranea (6:35)
05. L’ Ombra Degli Dei (8:19)
06. Labyrinthus (8:58)
07. Certezze Fragili (7:29)
08. Deliquio Viola (7:49)
09. Il Vento Poi (6:11)


Gianni Leone / Voice & Keyboards
Ivano Salvatori / Bass
Riccardo Spilli / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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