[Review] Kryptograf – The Eldorado Spell

Kryptograf is a Norwegian band from Bergen that offers a sound inspired by the Heavy sounds of the late 60s and early 70s, attributable to the Doom genre. Following the success of their 2020 self-titled debut album, the new full-length “The Eldorado Spell” was released on February 25, 2022 via Apollon Records. Consisting of 10 medium length tracks, they showcase the band’s eclectic high with massive riffs and inventive songwriting. The opening track “Asphodel” begins with a slow rhythm and a ’70s inspired guitar on which the vocal with dynamic features stands out. In the central part, a good lead guitar insert takes the stage in the instrumental section, then accelerates and transforms the piece with a Folk touch. The following “Cosmic Suicide” is characterized by a solid sound with granite guitar riffs and a more aggressive vocal. Good tempo changes and choral choruses, as well as guitar inserts and deep and driving bass lines. An engaging track permeated with retro sounds proposed with the personal touch of the band. “Lucifer’s Hand” is a darker track, with heavy guitar riffs and a vocal that alternates more enveloping passages with more aggressive choruses. The rhythmic session is solid and moves slowly and is enriched by tempo changes, a track that can be traced back to the sounds of bands like Black Sabbath and Pentagram. In the second part they border on Doom sounds with a good instrumental section, and then return to the vocal and close. Rhythmic drumming and massive guitar riffs open “Creeping Willow,” with another good vocal interpretation and a killer bass-line. In the central part with a change they offer a good instrumental section with the guitar as protagonist, both in the riffs and in the solo inserts. In the second part of the piece the intensity increases and the rhythm accelerates, offering a long guitar solo, before returning to the initial theme and closing. “Across The Creek” is a short 1:44 minute interlude featuring a dreamy acoustic guitar arpeggio. Here we are at the title track “The Eldorado Spell” which opens with a bass arpeggio and the drum rolls on which the electric guitar is inserted. After a minute of intro the track releases all its energy, enriched by an elaborate rhythmic session and by continuous tempo changes. The vocal, as always, is dynamic and interprets the various phases of the piece well, offering a spoken insert at the beginning of the second part. Returning to energetic sounds in the finale, he closes with an instrumental section with the guitar as protagonist. A distorted guitar and a deep and supporting bass open “The Spiral” characterized by a slow rhythm and an enveloping vocal. With a change in the central part the rhythm session accelerates and the track becomes more taut with a 70s-style vocal reminiscent of the masters of the genre. The tempo changes enrich the piece which in the finale slows down again to return to the initial theme and close. An intertwining of bass and drum begins “When The Witches” and then inserts massive guitar riffs. With continuous tempo changes the track develops alternating softer parts with harder ones, with a good rhythm section and a fine guitar solo. “Wormwood” is another 1:36 interlude that softens the tones and accompanies us to the final track. The final track of the album “The Well” begins slowly with an intertwining between bass guitar and drum which after 30 seconds increases in intensity and accelerates. The retro atmospheres permeate the song, which brings to mind the sounds of the 70s, with an engaging vocal and choral rhythms. Here too the tempo changes and the guitar solo are an added value for the sound, refined and well composed and executed. A band that mixes different genres and styles with a retro connotation, proposed with their personal and original touch. Successful riffs, a solid rhythmic session and a vocal that enhances the vocal skills. This album has different facets, managing to propose a Doom sound with contaminations and influences that make it original. A listening recommended for all lovers of the heavier sounds of the ’70s, managing to bring those pleasant atmospheres to the present day with a personal and modern touch.


01. Asphodel (05:55)
02. Cosmic Suicide (03:30)
03. Lucifer’s Hand (04:54)
04. Creeping Willow (05:18)
05. Across The Creek (01:44)
06. The Eldorado Spell (04:49)
07. The Spiral (06:54)
08. When The Witches (05:51)
09. Wormwood (01:36)
10. The Well (04:51)


Vegard Strand / Guitar, Vocals
Odd Erlend Mikkelsen / Guitar, Vocals
Eirik Arntsen / Drums, Vocals
Eivind Standal Moen / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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