[Review] Pryzme – Four Inches

Pryzme is a French Progressive Rock band born from an idea of Dominic Blanchard and David Chollet in 2014, which completed the lineup in 2019. With the current 4 members they released their debut album “Four Inches” on September 12, 2021, containing 8 long-playing tracks. The band mixes Prog and Jazz sounds, singing in English. The alabum opens with “Fusion” which opens with a good interweaving of guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic session, interesting the mixture of several voices. The track is enriched by tempo changes, with Neo Prog-inspired sounds with a personal touch from the band and light Yes influences in the vocal parts. From the more Jazzy traits that mix with the Neo-Prog “Vision” is characterized by an accelerated rhythm and a hypnotic repeated guitar arpeggio. The vocal is dynamic and interprets the various situations of the piece well, which in the central part develops an instrumental section with the guitar as the protagonist of a good solo. In the second part it increases the intensity with a harder vein, and then returns to the initial theme and with the last verses close. Dreamy keyboard melodies begin “After Wichita” to which are added a deep, load-bearing bassline and vocal. The drumming is softer and more linear and the sound softer than the previous ones. Good mixes between keyboards and guitar and instrumental sections full of tempo changes that develop well the long duration of the piece. The guitar offers a good solo insert in the central part and the sound is of Symphonic matrix, with Jazz influences and the long instrumental section enhances both the compositional and executive technique of the band. “Nothing To Say” is a track closer to the sounds of classic Rock in the sung parts, while in the instrumental sections it has references to prog. The guitar is the protagonist with a prolonged solo, and the second part is enriched with jazzy nuances and tempo changes. Ambient sounds characterize the intro of “Pretty Princess” which at about 2 minutes with a change offers a Funky bass line and rhythmic drumming. Alternating more energetic sections with instrumental steps with soft sounds and jazz features, the track is enriched with tempo changes and allows the band to mix more genres and styles experimenting within the Prog genre and beyond. A soft vocal en sound more melodic characterize “The Ride Of Your Life” which in the first part is more in the form of a ‘song’ to evolve and develop with the passing of time. the intensity increases as the song flows, offering tempo changes and solo inserts with some more intricate passages blending with heavier ones, making the track interesting. “Morning Song” opens with a delicate opening of the guitar and the choral vocals that rise slowly, and then develop on heavier guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session. The vocal has a more melodic matrix and acts as a counterpoint to the more energetic passages of the piece, which between tempo changes and instrumental sections increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes. An engaging track that mixes the most melodic and hardest features of the band making the most of the long playing time. The album ends with the title track “Four Inches” which is also the longest in duration, exceeding 13 minutes, and begins showing the heavier side of the band’s sound. Between continuous changes of tempo and forays into different genres and styles, the band contains in this track a summary of their sound, passing from more jazzy moments to more Prog ones, passing through melodic and harder Rock. All the artists give their technical contribution to the success of the piece, which enhances its qualities with the leading guitar with its solo inserts. A good album for this band that mixes more melodic and harsher traits with forays into Jazz Prog. Good vocals with a predominantly melodic matrix and the guitar that guides the sound, which is enriched by changes in tempo and in some passages of elaborate textures. A listening recommended for lovers of Neo Prog sounds, mainly focused on the guitar and with a solid and refined rhythmic session and a dynamic vocal.


01. Fusion (07:39)
02. Vision (05:20)
03. After Wichita (08:39)
04. Nothing To Say (06:08)
05. Pretty Princess (08:07)
06. The Ride Of Your Life (07:52)
07. Morning Song (06:53)
08. Four Inches 13:49


Dominique Blanchard / Guitar and Vocals
Gabrielle Duplenne / Drums and Vocals
David Chollet / Guitar and Vocals
Maxence Marmiyesse / Bass and Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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