[Review] La Corte di Lunas – Tales from the brave lands

La Corte di Lunas is an Italian band that combines the sounds of the Celtic-Folk tradition with the modern ones of Rock. The album “Tales from the brave lands” was released on February 10, 2020 and is a concept focused on some myths and legends of their land, Friuli Venezia Giulia. The opening song “Tiare” is an atmospheric intro with layers of whispered voices, which develops with percussion and voice sung in the second part. “The castle of Gemona” is a rhythmic and powerful piece with melodies of both string instruments and flute. The vocal is pleasant and tells precisely of this castle, while in the instrumental section a short solo to then return to the singing and close the song. “Vida” is also the first single with official video extracted from the album, it presents harder sounds than the previous one with traditional instruments and electric guitar. The flute guides the melodies and the vocal is powerful and harmonious it can be considered a very pleasant Folk-Metal track. “The devil’s bridge” has more positive melodies and a two-part vocal, the male one in Italian is harder than the female one in English. Increase the intensity passaging the song with heavier strokes in the instrumental section and then close with the last sung verses. “La dama bianca” is a powerful dark song with drums and a sweet voice, on dark melodies. In the central part it transforms assuming an arabesque atmosphere, while in the second part it becomes a more Rock and an intricate piece. “The last of Sbilfs” is a song with sweet flute melodies and a more positive atmosphere and the Rock features are more pronounced and blend perfectly with the Folk component, one of the best on the album. “I tre fradei” begins with the sound of water and guitar arpeggios, with the entrance of the instruments an elaborate piece of Folk Rock comes to life. The expressive vocal enters and in the central part the intensity increases, with continuous changes of rhythm, another excellent song. “Orcolat” returns to more powerful terrains with energy, the rhythm is tight and the sounds oriental and hard. Sometimes darker in the melodies, it softens in some inserts and then draws a beautiful guitar solo. “Eolo II” is always pulled into the rhythm with cheerful melodies, returning close to Folk Rock with almost Prog changes and inserts. “Scjaracule maracule” is a piece inspired by the traditional baroque of Giorgio Mainero, also taken up in the past by the great Angelo Branduardi, where the melody of this historical track develops with their style. “Rosander” is the longest song on the album which begins with a long intro, then turns into a Folk Rock with elaborate textures. The second part becomes powerful and with distorted guitars, and then ends with sweet melodies, soft and dreamy. A good album, original and different from the usual proposals, skilfully mixing tradition with the modern. Sometimes more energetic, in others softer, it is a recommended and pleasant listening, difficult to define a genre, as it alternates more Folk passages with others with electric guitars and Rock instruments. The vocal is of a high standard and adapts well to the various phases of the disc, as well as well-structured and performed music, an absolutely promoted album.


01. Tiare
02. The Castle Of Gemona
03. Vida
04. The Devil’s Bridge
05. La Dama Bianca
06. The Last Of Sbilfs
07. I tre Fradei
08. Orcolat
09. Eolo II
10. Scjaraçule Maraçule
11. Rosander 


Jo / Lead Vocals, Percussions
Nicolas / Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Martina / Hurdy Gurdy, Backing Vocals
Max / Bass Guitar
Rik / Drums, Percussions
Mary / Flute, Whistle, Backing Vocals
David / Bouzouki, Backing Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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