[Review] Thoughts Factory – Elements

Thoughts Factory is a Progressive Metal band formed in 2008 in Germany. They released 2 albums, according to which “Elements” released on January 15th 2020 via Melodic Revolution Records and containing 10 tracks. The opener “Mind odissey” begins with a piano and a very expressive voice, the instruments enter and the song takes on the characteristics of Prog Metal. Solid guitar riffs and keyboard layers that increase the power of the sound. The vocal becomes decisive and the atmospheres alternate symphonic and darker moments with characteristic changes of the genre. “The burden” is a song with tight rhythms, majestic keyboard orchestrations and a lot of Metal power. The hypnotic melodies of keyboards stand out among massive riffs and here too, symphonicity and power are mixed with a superfine technique. “Frozen planet” begins with more calm, almost atmospheric, after the intro the guitar draws a fine solo, then with a change everything returns calm and more elaborate. In constant change, the intensity increases in the solo sections, as in the central part where the keyboards take the scene. A high level instrumental, where the musicians, free to express themselves, show technique and quality. “Fire away” returns with power, orchestrations and a gloomy atmosphere in the melodies. The guitar riffs are energetic and the vocal alternate more energetic moments with more melodic refrains, showing the vocal ductility. Here too the rhythm and melodies are well elaborated, with all the ingredients that a Prog song must have, however giving space to the voice after the virtuosity of the previous one, the right choice. “Nightfall” is a softer track, a ballad Prog, if we can define it that way. Melodic and more in the form of “song” a pleasant detachment between the power of the previous songs, which in the second part increases in intensity and becomes more elaborate. “The shore and the time” begins with a dreamy plan and the sound of the sea, the vocal is very warm and expressive. So the orchestrations and the rhythmic session enter, and with a change we enter the Prog territory with a great vocal rehearsal and noteworthy symphonic traits. It is in more elaborate tracks like this that the band expresses its potential and shows its technique, one of the best songs on the album. “Dawn pt. I” presents a first part where powerful riffs and orchestrations guide the sound. The rhythmic session is powerful and energetic, the song alternates symphonic openings with accelerated rapids with syncopated rhythms and always high-level changes. It is the longest song on the album and features the various faces of the band, from the most Metal and energetic to the elaborate and Prog, with extensive use of keyboards and inserts with dreamy melodies, also one of the best pieces on the disc. “Dawn pt. II” is the second part of the previous song, shorter and pulled with distorted and scratchy guitars and a dizzying double bass rhythm. Even the vocal is more Metal and aggressive in the second part the keyboards offer excellent orchestral layers. “Our kingdom” begins with an acoustic and electric guitar that duets, with the entry of the rhythmic session with the drum drums also the vocal enters, expressive and energetic as always. Here too, with the passing of the minutes, it acquires power and the keyboard solo at the end is really good. “Elements” is the title track and concludes and ends the disc, begins with voice and piano and then inserts orchestral strings. It is an excellent closing, where in the end with the insertion of the instruments it gives us the last guitar solo and then closes. A well-structured and executed album, where technique, good ideas and qualities are put on display. Everyone collaborates in the construction of the sound, on which the splendid vocal is inserted, true added value for this band. Recommended listening for lovers of modern Prog Metal sounds, with all those ingredients that are expected to be found when purchasing an album. A band that as far as heard here, for technique and quality will surely be talked about positively.


01. Mind Odyssey (5:33)
02. The Burden (5:20)
03. Frozen Planet (5:20)
04. Fire Away (3:57)
05. Night Fall (5:30)
06. The Shores of Sand and Time (5:53)
07. Dawn Part 1 (8:12)
08. Dawn Part 2 (3:04)
09. Our Kingdom (6:44)
10. Elements (4:27)


Sven Schornstein / Keyboards 
Bernd Schönegge / Bass 
Chris Maldener / Drums 
Markus Wittmann / Guitars 
Cornelius Wurth / Vocals & Guitars 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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