[Review] Osanna – Il Diedro Del Mediterraneo

Osanna are one of the main bands of Rock Progressivo Italiano, active for over 50 years and with albums in their own credit that have made the history of world prog music. Also highly sought after abroad, the Osanna records mix the sounds of Progressive Rock with a Mediterranean and Neapolitan touch with the collaboration of high-level artists. On November 26, 2021 “Il Diedro Del Mediterraneo” was released via Ma.Ra.Cash Records and contains 11 medium length tracks. Italian and international guests complete the album lineup, giving life to an album that shows how the band still has so much to say and give to music. The album opens with “Spirit” a short 24 second intro with Digeridoo leading us to the title track. “Il Diedro Del Mediterraneo” opens with a narrative full of pathos inherent in what is happening today in the sea, with a theme also linked to migration. Unfortunately people die in search of a better life and the band here is adept at recounting these journeys of hope with touching phrases. The music is an intertwining of arpeggios and atmospheric sounds in the background to conclude with a percussion section and atmospheres of the Mediterranean dihedral. Continuing the melodies of the previous one, “Ti Ritroverò” begins with a dreamed atmosphere and the warm and expressive voice of Lino, a very intense track. The tempo changes are an added value of the song, which brings to mind the 70s and the sounds of the classic band, making me jump from the chair. Excellent mixes between keyboards and guitar, as well as elaborate textures and the band is skilled in creating a Jazz instrumental section, to turn into a harder Prog song in the final. “L’Uomo del Prog” is the longest track on the album, and begins with a softer and more melancholic atmosphere with guitar orchestrations and arpeggios. The violin is at the center of the scene, with an intense guitar solo intertwined in the initial instrumental section. The vocal alternates solo and choral parts that interpret the song with pathos and the music evolves with a symphonic prog full of tempo changes that increase the intensity with the passing of the minutes. As the title suggests, we are in the refined Prog with refined sounds, a real masterpiece that contains all the necessary ingredients to excite the listener, a real music lesson. “Tu” sees the collaboration of a string quartet and David Jackson on Sax, which starts with a more Rock guitar and a ballad style rhythm session. Pleasant organ carpet, in the central part it increases the intensity with an instrumental section and Jackson‘s solo on Sax. A tune more in the form of a very intense ‘song’ and with a good guitar solo at the end. An accusation to modern civilization in the text of “Lords of the Earth” and to the ‘powerful’ characterized by a deep vocal and guitar arpeggios. As in the title track, the lyrics are at the center of the track, a poem that contains sad truths about the rulers and indeed about the lords of the earth, the warlords. A retro-style organ opens “Tempo” a solid track in the 70s Prog style, a genre in which Osanna are masters, alternating softer parts with more energetic ones. Here too the tempo changes are an added value of the sound, which in the second part offers an instrumental section with a good guitar solo, and then returns to the vocal and closes. “Zuoccole, Tammorre e Femmene” is the introductory part of the next track, made up of the sounds of the sea and a voice narrated in Neapolitan. “Zuoccole e Tammorre” starts with powerful guitar riffs and a solid rhythmic session, a tighter track, full of energy with nuances of traditional Neapolitan music. The mix between folk sounds and rock music is exquisite, with a sung in dialect that intertwines male and female voices. The keyboards offer very technical solo inserts in the second part, an engaging song that makes us travel with our minds in that magnificent city that is Naples. Rock riffs open “Mare Nostrum” and intertwine at the harmonica, with a solid rhythmic session on which a choral vocal is inserted. Here, too, the more traditional traits blend with the Prog, giving life to a piece with original sounds, while the text is full of meaning, and Saverio Gugliani delights us with his Sax that is intertwined with the keyboards in a short solo. Very rhythmic and engaging, we could define it as a track of Mediterranean Prog, ending with “Bandiera Rossa” on Hendrix-style guitar, and we hope that the flag of freedom triumphs… Closes the album “Caracalla ’71” in memory of the legendary Festival of May 7, 1971, told in great detail by Lino, who participated with the band in that magical gathering. A journey into the ‘rebellious music’ that marked a generation and that thanks to Osanna still lives today and will forever remain in the history of Italian Progressive Rock. In the end, a pulled instrumental section with Prog flavors closes this fine record with a flourish. An intense album that contains all the experience of 50 years of music by Lino Vairetti and Osanna, even if the lineup has changed over the years, the music is always very good. Sophisticated sounds and lyrics, a winning blend of Mediterranean and Italian Progressive sounds that shows all the compositional and executive techniques of this band. When listening to albums of historical bands like this one the expectations are always very high, but Osanna have confirmed that they are in great shape and have offered an excellent record here. A listening recommended to all lovers of Progressive sounds, who will find here all the ingredients they are looking for in listening to this genre, a must for all fans of good music.


1. Spirit (00:24)
2. Il Diedro del Mediterraneo (04:40)
3. Ti Ritroverò (06:35)
4. L’Uomo del Prog (06:15)
5. Tu (05:05)
6. Signori della Terra (03:23)
7. Tempo (05:13)
8. Zuoccole, Tammorre e Femmene (01:25)
9. Zuoccole e Tammorre (03:34)
10. Mare Nostrum (04:47)
11. Caracalla ’71 (04:58)


Lino Vairetti / Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Narration (2)
Gennaro Barba / Drums
Pako Capobianco / Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Enzo Cascella / Bass
Sasà Priore / Piano, Organ, Synth
Irvin Vairetti / Vintage Keyboards, Vocals


Lello Brandi / Didgeridoo (1)
Carlo Avitabile / Percussion (2)
Vincenzo Zitello / ARP, Synth, Violin, Cello (2)
Gianluca Falasca / Violin (3,4,9)
Mauro Martello / Flute (3), Cello (4)
Falasca String Quartet / Strings (5)
David Jackson / Saxophone (5)
Francesco Paolantoni / Narration (8)
Stella Manfredi / Violin (8)
Fiorenza Calogero / Vocals (9)
Saverio Guigliani / Saxophone (10,11)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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