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Oudeziel is a duo with a Post-Rock sound whose musicians are already famous for the OBRASQi project. Their debut release entitled “Oudeziel” was released on July 19, 2023 via Rock Company and contains five medium-length tracks. Interweaving and layering of dilated Atmospheric sounds characterise the opener “Life.” A track that immediately immerses us in the duo’s musical concept, a modern Post-Rock with personal traits and a good dose of sound modulation and enriched with an electronic touch. Heavy-sounding “Fluistert” features a strong bassline, solid and elaborate percussive drumming. The melodies are skilfully modulated and enriched by the effects, creating emotional passages that follow the variation of the central theme through continuous tempo changes. The album’s longest track “Reis” features a slow-moving rhythm section with a deep, driving bass line. The melodies give a dreamy, atmospheric feel to the sound, constantly evolving and with the intensity of the track increasing as the minutes tick by. The tempo changes and guitar solos in the second half are good, enveloping and capturing the listener’s attention. “Binner” opens with dreamy atmospheres and sweet piano notes over an orchestral background. The rhythm section is solid with a modern, electronic touch, while the guitar alternates between scratchy passages with distortion and other acoustic ones. A good mixture of melodic and more aggressive stretches, always keeping the intensity and elaboration of the sound high. The closing track “Jeremy” is also the shortest in duration. A delicate interweaving of arpeggios that leaves us wanting to listen to this work again in the future. A duo offering well constructed and intense Post-Rock, with sophisticated passages and a good amalgamation between the instruments. The layering and modulations make the melodies engaging and allow the theme of the tracks to develop with elaborate passages. A recommended listen for lovers of modern Post-Rock sounds, cool and with personal traits.


01. Life (05:32)
02. Fluistert (05:52)
03. Reis (07:08)
04. Binner (05:15)
05. Jeremy (03:07)


Artur Wolski / Music Author, Guitarist and Keyboardist
Jaroslaw Bielawski / Drums

Oudeziel |Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Rock Company |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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