[Review] Qamar – Todo Empieza Aquí

Qamar are a Spanish Progressive Rock band that mixes Symphonic and Andalusian Rock. They release their debut “Todo Empieza Aquí” on July 1st 2020 via Mylodon Records containing 8 medium-long tracks with the participation of some guests. The band collects the heredity of the 70s Andalusian bands such as Triana, Cai, Guadaljara and Azahara above all, with a modern and personal touch, with a mature sound full of positive ideas. The album opens with “Faraón” which begins with atmospheric keyboards, solid bass lines and a syncopated rhythm to the drum. The electric guitar guides the sound in the first part and then in the middle of the song intertwines with the keyboards in duets that mix melodies typical of Andalusian music with harder inserts on pompous organ layers. A good start that immediately plunges us into the sound atmospheres that will characterize this work. “A través del camino” is characterized by an intricate rhythmic structure with the lead guitar again master of the sound with long phrasing. In the central part a short sax insert, before increasing the intensity with the alternation of guitar and organ in the solos, transforming the piece into a powerful instrumental Heavy Prog. “Guadalete” has a very rhythmic drum with the guitar that draws oriental melodies that alternate with those characteristic of Andalusian music. The tempo changes are excellently made and take us back to the golden age of the genre, reminding us of the sounds of Triana with that heavier vein of the Qamar guitar. “Éxodo” is a song that summarizes all the sonic facets of the band, hard guitar riffs and a solid rhythm session close to Hard Rock. Hypnotic bass lines, continuous tempo changes with tighter moments, layers of keyboards reminiscent of the 1970s Prog and a central part where a passionate Andalusian guitar draws a melancholy solo. The band’s ideas are very well developed here, with high-level phrasing showing the technical skills of the musicians involved in the project, for one of the pivotal passages of the album. “Lydia” is characterized by soft piano and guitar melodies that offer us a refined and delicate instrumental, to be enjoyed with attention. It softens the tones in the midst of more lively pieces, offering a passage full of pathos, pleasant and flowing full of intensity, involving us with almost dreamy airs. The longest track on the album “As Bruxas” is also the one that sees the largest number of guests in it, with strong bass lines, unpredictable tempo changes. In the first part a folkloristic melody is developed on electric guitar riffs and a tight rhythmic session, almost Metal, to then move on to more Symphonic grounds with pompous keyboards. In the central section a sweet keyboard melody accompanies us towards what is the first vocal part of the disc, with a pleasant and sweet female voice. During the vocals and up to the finale the track becomes softer, leaving however room for a delicate guitar solo, and then closing down, with atmospheric keyboards. “Qamar” begins with an intertwining of acoustic guitar and piano and then unleashes all the power of Andalusian Rock with sharp riffs supported by winds. Another great mix of traditional music, Progressive and Rock sections, alternating symphonic openings with harder ones, while the whole second part is a long section of real Flamenco. The album closes with “Añoranza” which is the shortest track, with an acoustic guitar arpeggio on layers of keyboards, on which a speech with a very intense vocal is inserted. A short guitar insert concludes the song and disc, leaving us satisfied with the listening. An almost entirely instrumental album, with the guitar leading the sound, supported by good keyboard layers and a well-developed and ever-changing rhythm session. The tempo changes as well as the mix of several styles enhance this work, with the modern reinterpretation of what was the Andalusian Rock of the 70s, inserting more Heavy music traits and personal characters. Overall, a recommended listening not only for lovers of Andalusian music, but given the fusion of Flamenco, Rock, Symphonic Prog and a Heavy touch, it will be able to be appreciated by a much wider audience. A good debut for the Spanish band that succeeds in mixing multiple genres, giving the impression of having clear ideas and offering various ideas that bode well for future releases.


1. Faraón
2. A través del camino
3. Guadalete
4. Éxodo
5. Lydia
6. As Bruxas
7. Qamar
8. Añoranza


Mario Bocanegra / Drums
Selu Algaba / Bass
Alex Alvarez / Guitars
Javi Paz / Keayboards


Pepe Torres / Sax (track 2, 6, 7)
Candela Galán / Vocal (track 6)
Miguel Bocanegra / Guitarra Flamenca
Laura Romani / Violin

Chorus (track 6):
Helena Bocanegra
Clara García
Candela Galán
Alex Alvarez

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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