[Review] Toxenaris – The Third Policeman- Revitalized

Toxenaris is a studio project of the German multi-instrumentalist Timo Aspelmeier, composer and performer of all the tracks, written since the 90s but which have started to be published since 2016. The sound style is a mix of various genres, starting from a Jazzy Prog base, with markedly experimental and avant-garde features, difficult to place in a genre, it shows the many influences of the artist. The latest production entitled “The Third Policeman- Revitalized” was released on July 27, 2020 in Digital and on August 21, 2020 on CD, containing 12 tracks. The album is a musical reinterpretation of Flann O’Brien’s novel with the same title, entirely instrumental except for the final track which features a short vocal statement. Music is constantly evolving across terrains ranging from Progressive to Jazz, with a strong dose of experimentation at times avant-garde. The artist plays all the instruments, with extensive use of keyboards, always master of the sound, a rhythmic session made of skilfully used drum programming and a bass that creates intricate and supporting lines. The development of the tracks is always very inspired, well developed and performed without ever falling into virtuosity as an end in itself, favoring smoothness and putting the listener at ease. The synth phrases take us back to the Prog music of the 70s, cleverly inserted on intricate Jazz Rock and experimental structures in continuous evolution, elaborate but not hectic. The plots are always very intense with not always conventional developments, making this work trespass into the territory of experimentation, without however being dispersed but concentrating and developing ideas in such a way as to make this work concrete. A listening recommended for all lovers of the most intricate sounds of Prog music, with strong Jazz and Experimental influences, but managing to be appreciated by an audience even less accustomed to certain sounds by development and execution. In conclusion, if I had to give an adjective to this album, I would define it refined.


1. Golden Hours (3:35)
2. The Iron Pump And Spade (4:31)
3. Divney And I (2:27)
4. Nameless (9:06)
5. A Power For The Hills (1:44)
6. Inspector O’Corky (4:27)
7. Change For Tinahely And Shillelagh (1:42)
8. On The Lever (3:57)
9. The Codex And The Scaffold (4:20)
10. Fox (5:40)
11. Happy Return (4:41)


Timo Aspelmeier / Keyboards, Piano(5), Bass, Guitar, Drum Programming, Percussion

Martin Kiemes / Cello
David Marlow / Grand Piano

Toxenaris |Bandcamp|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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